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    How can we predict the 2013 draft when the jury is still out on the following players:

    RB Jahvid Best
    RB Mikel LeShoure
    CB Chris Greenwood
    CB Bill Bentley
    T Riley Reiff
    DT Nick Fairley

    These guys have barely taken the field yet (all for different reasons). All of these guys could come off injuries (or get more playing time) and be very productive for us, none of them could pan out, or anywhere in between.

    Predicting our draft picks at this point would have to entail "writing off" some of these players and assuming that they won't produce for us. Looking at most replies, it appears that most have written off Jahvid Best with us taking a RB in the 1st round.

    At this point, I just gotta see these players in action on the field before I can say what our biggest needs might be going into 2013.

    If I had to guess tho......It will probably be Safety and RB.....but if Best stays healthy and LeShoure is productive, then we probably wouldn't draft a RB at all this draft until later rounds. Too early to tell.
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