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I don't know exactly how the value would break down and who would have to add what, but here is an idea, based on the Rangers adding a starter or two...

I'm not one for proposals much, but what about something like this:

CF Leonys Martin
SP Derek Holland

CF Colby Rasmus
C JP Arencibia

Martin is speedy and has crushed AAA pitching. Already had a cup of coffee with the Rangers. Was pretty highly touted when signed. Also a LH as well, so we don't lose that flexibility when trading Rasmus. Martin is also an above average defender and athlete and he projects as a lead-off hitter. This is important as to me, Reyes is better suited as a 2 or even 3 hitter.

We know what we'd be getting in Holland. He's just 26 and has a high ceiling to go along with a hard sinker. He'd slot right in as a pretty damn good 5th starter with room to grow. His splits are terrible because he's still learning how to pitch to RHB at this level. Needs to mix it up more, he could be dominant with the right pitching coach. Has a good arm and is wasn't long ago that he was rated in the top half of most anyone's top 100 prospects.
That deal seems pretty fair but I'd rather hold on to both and just sign a Marcum or E.Jackson.

I'm just not that crazy about Holland plus Rasmus and JPA could both boost their value a decent amount, trading them right now could be selling low or both could be solid pieces moving forward if they get it together

If I'm trading for a pitcher it should be an 1-2 type guy other than that I'd much rather take the FA route. Now if a good young 2nd base or even 1st becomes available I'd like to use JPA or Rasmus or both on him.