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Pretty much every player with bad contracts clear.
Players with quality contracts get claimed then pulled back by their team and we never hear about it.

Crazy or not, you think if Rios can be claimed that Bautista or EE wouldn't be?
Rios aside to state that pretty much every player clears and Bautista & EE would as well is wrong.
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I guarantee Jose and Edwin would get picked up if they went through waivers. I see both of your point of views but fatkev is right, Jose has a very decent contract that would attract teams. Same with Edwin. If they placed say....Adam Lind on waivers its a different story.
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Right now I'm pretty damn sure Jose would clear waivers given the fact he's coming off a wrist injury and there's no guarantee he'll come back healthy in April. And as much as I'd like to believe that's not the case, players coming off wrist injuries tend to take longer to heal. Even when they're physically ready to come back and off the D/L, they're usually not nearly as effective as they were before for another season or so. I'd be thrilled if starting in 2013 Bautista is launching home runs over the left field wall like nobody else can, but coming off a wrist injury I'm not so sure that's going to happen right away.

It might have been a stretch to say EE/Jose would pass waivers, but the point is it's not a big deal when players clear waivers in August cause it happens a lot more than we think.
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yeah this is really weird coming from Twitchy.. saying good players clear waivers is just wrong
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im still pretty confident Bautista got claimed by someone and EE did for sure with his new contract
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On the wrist thing. I'm actually really concerned about this injury. A lot of Bautista's skill is his fast swing and how he moves his wrist during ABs.

I'm hopping for the best but, this could be a concern.

Another reason why you got to think (just think) about trading your star players.

For example. What kind of haul would AA have got if he trading Jose and Ricky in the off season?
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I've said some things in the past that were incorrect, you corrected me and I've learned from it and in fact appreciated it. I'm only trying to do the same for you (and others who respect what you write and believe what you said to be true).
You're wrong, but I'm not arguing this point any further. Choose to believe what you want I guess.
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Yeah, you people have said it well enough, don't think I need to elaborate further on it. Hat tip to Fatkev78.

One thing I think is that the Dodgers have changed the way waivers work. I think you'll see a dramatic shift in terms of how teams approach this area in 2 ways.

1) More Dodgeresque deals (as large-market teams desperate for help down the stretch take on big contracts)
2) More reluctance to put star players on waivers.

As for the second point, I believe that in the pre-Twitter era, it was quite common for GMs to dangle their star players on waivers, just to gauge interest. Now, every time a player of Cliff Lee's calibre becomes waiver bait, the news spreads to the Internet. I don't think that's a good thing. The player in question gets the impression that the team doesn't want him, there's a media circus... it's just a negative distraction. Teams should be more careful about who they put on waivers, to avoid those kinds of needless situations.
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Just to comment on this, I don't think you'll see GM's stop putting stars on. Just because you always have the option to pull them back.

And I agree with you about the leaks, it's kind of ridiculous how many are leaked. It's supposed to be confidential, teams need to hold their employees to their confidentiality agreements, I know at my work place that **** would not fly.
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Nobody knows who is speaking --- hell it could be the owner himself leaking the news. Or the GM himself. Or the President. Hard to say who's leaking what. The Jays seem very tight with the information they share so you dont see much leaked out from their end -- but other teams have very outgoing senior personnel so its easier...