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Okay well stats don't lie, i had no idea Looch had that many assists over marchand, i figured goals but assists, wow....So looch is more productive in the reg season but Marchand is in the playoffs while Looch dissapears so i'd call it a wash when it comes to productivity and i'd give Marchand a slight advantage defensively, he has had a better plus minus and he is pretty decent on the PK where Looch really isnt.. (all my opinion obviously not trying to pick fights)
Playoff wise there actually very similar.

Marchand = .66 PPG
Lucic = .56 PPG

Remember though that Lucic has nearly double the playoff GP then Marchand. Between the two Lucic is a rare commodity in the NHL.

The major difference and one key reason I see Lucic getting more money then Marchand.....Not a lot of teams in the NHL have a 6'4 LW who can score 30 goals put up 60 points all while physically dominating (when he wants) and intimidating the opposition night in and night out