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    Tulane safety Devon Walker breaks his neck

    TULSA, Okla. -- Tulane safety Devon Walker suffered a broken neck and collapsed lung Saturday in a head-to-head collision with a teammate during a game with Tulsa, according to a Tulane trainer.

    Walker was revived on the field and a tracheotomy was performed. Walker is currently in the emergency and trauma center at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, but there is no further update on his condition.

    Tulane assistant athletic director Roger Dunaway confirmed Walker was hurt and taken off the field in an ambulance that transported him to a Tulsa hospital.

    The injury occurred on the last play of the first half. Walker had a helmet-to-helmet collision with teammate Julius Warmsley while trying to tackle Tulsa back Willie Carter. Walker then rolled on his back and didn't move.

    FOX reported he stopped breathing when emergency medical workers removed his jersey and shoulder pads. The network said workers administered CPR and put in an IV before Walker began breathing again.

    A hush went over the crowd at H.A. Stadium as Walker was attended to on the field. Several coaches were in tears. Spectators bowed their heads as someone on the field led the stadium in prayer.

    Walker is a senior majoring in cell and molecular biology.

    Its also been reported that CPR was performed on the field as well.


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    wow a fracture that high in the vertebra is really, really bad. i hope hes ok...

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    Wow, it didn't even look like much of a hit. That is incredibly scary; best of luck to him through this.

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    Prayers for him and a full recovery

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    Dr. Buddy Savoie said after the game that Walker "actually never completely lost consciousness" and was breathing.
    According to John Moss of KTUL-TV in Tulsa, a Tulsa trainer told him, "Walker suffered a broken neck and collapsed lung. He had to be revived on field, and a tracheotomy was performed."
    There's some really ****** reporting. Some are claming he had a tracheotomy done which doesn't make sense at all. Tracheotomy's are done when access to the upper airway (mouth,nose) isn't accessible (facial trauma, swelling). Also a tracheotomy can't be done on a conscious patient who is breathing. The nerves in C1 and C2 relay messages that control the brain so if you completely fracture it you can die almost instantly.
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    I hope this kid is able to walk again. Things like this kind of take the wind out of the sails for my enthusiasm for football season. Every few years something like this makes the news, and it really is the nature of the sport that some people are going to get hurt.

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