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    Finally...a Phillies Trade Block

    I'm not necessarily selling off everything yet, but I'm at least listening to offers. I'm looking for prospects and picks. Not entirely against taking MLB players, but it would have to be an overwhelmingly good deal.

    PM all offers

    SP Sid Fernandez - Young ace level pitcher under team control for several years at a very reasonable price. I will want something very high-end in return for him, and yes I can include money.

    SP Bruce Hurst - Another ace level pitcher but a bit older with a higher salary, so the price will be lower than Fernandez but not significantly and I would include more money with him.

    SP Done Schulze - Young, cheap, and talented enough to be a front end starter. Price will be similar to Hurst.

    C Mickey Tettleton - After a down year, he is rebounding nicely and still has the offensive and defensive ratings to be considered one of the very best at his position. He's young enough to have plenty of production left and he's under team control. Money can be included, the return will be expected to be substantial.

    3B Wade Boggs - Probably the most expensive piece on this block. Former number one overall pick, multiple gold-glove winning elite defender and possibly the best lead-off hitter in the league.

    OF Mike Young - A career OPS just shy of .900, never a single season under 20HRs and all but one season of an OBP around .380 or above (.367 one year). His ratings are holding steady and he's young enough to remain productive. He's in the final year of his contract but a sign and trade could be worked out with money included.

    As a side note, Murata, Hale, Ogilvie, McCatty, and Kakefu are all likely to retire with me. Kakefu is probably the one and only possibility for being moved but someone would have to grossly overpay. I'm content to keep paying him and let him play out his days in Philly.
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