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    Quote Originally Posted by The Top Shelfer View Post
    Yes and everyone knows you can't possibly read someone's whole body of work in a thread before responding to it stupidly.

    Seguin has said, repeatedly mind you, that Yandle's defense is not much better than Wideman's. That is it, not that Wideman is better at defense, not that he thinks personally that Wideman plays good defense, he is only saying that Yandle plays defense on par with Wideman.

    Since they are similar defensively, he is raising a question as to how Yandle will be welcomed in Boston given our very primitive fanbase's ability to understand that an offensive defenseman is a specialist, not an all around star who can play in every facet of the game.

    So again, before responding to ignorantly to someone you may or not personally like, try reading the entire thread. There are a lot of big words but you will manage... maybe
    maybe you should re-read EXACTLY what I said.. because what you said is literally exactly what I said. So before calling someone out, you might want to read what they're saying. I said Yandle was ALMOST as bad as Wideman defensively, which is exactly what you said. So again, I have no need to even read this full post because the basis of it is nonsense. Seguin was arguing that Wideman wasn't bad defensively. So here this one is on me, showing in fact it was ME who said he was almost as bad as Wideman to show how he'd be received here. Thanks for agreeing with me.

    Quote Originally Posted by homie564 View Post
    Yandle's really overrated. I've been saying this for some time now. His defense is like REALLY bad. It's almost Wideman bad, not as bad, but pretty close.
    This one is for you Shelfer.
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    lol, small kid got tripped by a tuba player

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