Both guys have been in the NFL for 8 years. In the first 4 years of their career, both won a Superbowl, but Ben probably has the edge in regular season stats, greatly helped by maybe his best statistical season of his career in 2007.

Onto the last 4 years where both players won their second SB ring.

Average Eli season from 08-12: 16 games started- 27 TDs: 16 INTs- 4049 Passing Yards- 61.6 Comp%- 89.4 QB Rating

Average Ben season from 08-12: 14.5 GS- 20 TDs: 11 INTs- 3727 Passing Yards- 62.9 Comp%- 92 QB Rating

When taking into account regular & postseason success Eli's best season was 2011, Ben's was in 2009. IMO Eli 2011 > Ben 2009.

The stat's are really close. What do you guys think? These guys will be compared to each other for a looooong time.