Gamestop's brick and mortar locations may not stock gems from yesteryear, but that doesn't mean all those old trade-ins no longer exist. In fact, the resale giant has amassed such a large back catalogue of classics that its heavily considering an entrance into the vintage resale market, though when that will happen remains a mystery.

"If you go to eBay and look at all of the gaming stuff that's on there, it's unbelievable. Collector's stuff. We've got to be in that business. We will be," Gamestop CEO Paul Raines told Polygon. "We think there's a vintage sales opportunity, so we're accumulating some inventory. It's a big idea, and there's a few problems with it. The first one is sourcing the product, the condition, the refurbishment, all that stuff. But there's a customer for it. And we're working on some stuff we haven't announced yet."

If/when it does enter the classic games business, Gamestop will do so through its website, rather than expanding the scope of its retail locations. How many priceless Atari 2600 carts would we have to trade in for a used iPad, do you think?
Not surprised given the large amount of people who are into retro game hunting and finding older games.