Just trying to gauge interest here. I ran a game in the Pirates forum called PSD Pirates Fan of the Month/Season. Essentially I create a handful of questions at the beginning of the month and you give me your answers. Some are all or nothing like Who will lead the team in assists in October? And some have partially credit like How many goals will Crosby score in October? You would get say 10 points for an exact answer, 7 for being within 1, 5 for being within 2 and 3 for being within 3.

There would be a preseason portion where you answer questions about the whole season and monthly installments where you answer questions about the upcoming month. Each month will have a winner and there will be a season overall winner. There is no prize except for the honor of having the title (basically nothing but hey its kind of fun).

We might have to work something out with a possible lockout looming for the preseason (because obviously if they only have say a 56 game season the Pens are probably not getting 108 points) but I think we can do it. I'm planning on a slightly smaller scale version here. On the Pirates forum I asked 8 questions a month, here I'm thinking about 5 or 6.

If you are interested in participating this season just post and let me know.