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Thread: Power Rankings

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    Power Rankings

    You know the deal.

    K=L already ranked 16 of the GM duos in the previous lounge.
    Jamal is up next.
    Rosh has agreed to do his after the draft order comes out.

    I'll definately be doing my old school full team power rankings around round 6-7. GL to everybody.

    *Note for new GMs*

    Do not post any discussion this thread. Save it for the lounge. This is for rankings only.

    Kristaps Porzingis
    Stronger than most 15 year old girls.

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    GM Power Rankings

    DISCLAIMER: This is all in good fun and supposed to be something funny before the game begins and all we do is ***** and argue at each other. Oh wait that already started but still enjoy! Also I did not rank my own team since I already know I am #1!

    Why did you join you’re wasting your time

    29. Iamaranger, GoPacers33, and reyes6: This team is destined for failure. GoPacers33 is notorious for ****ing up early and often and then disappearing. Leaving iamaranger by himself who is active but just isn’t very good at these games yet but he is improving. Unfortunately these guys are doomed for last

    28. MGB & Futuro: MGB & future need to stick to the sim league. Well MGB usually does as he makes a pick or two and then leaves, and future usually puts together a team that he thinks is awesome and then he finds out it isn’t. (See MLB Alltime) Oh well a solid vet team that will fail.

    27. Rivera, Justin and branswings: Ill keep this short and sweet: trainwreck waiting to happen. Rivera shouldn’t be mentoring anybody yet and a solid poster like Justin is not gonna learn the right way. Oh well hopefully he will join again next year

    26. Lenkey,s b’s, raps: They missed the playoffs with Durant. They probably should be lower, but lenkey will cry so we will keep them at 26. Hopefully they get a ****** pick and don’t waste all of our time with Durant or LeBron and fail, actually on a second thought give them LeBron!

    25. .Suge Knight & Raider Posting: They did a OK job with the Wizards but my god these guys are annoying and will ultimately screw them up in trades especially raiders. These 2 if get a middle to late pick will probably be like the Wizards in the mock, decent but nowhere near a playoff spot.

    24. Robbob and NBA Starter: A wrestling forum connection here, unfortunately rob doesn’t care about the NBA games and starter somehow is a mod, but he isn’t the brightest. Oh well they like wrestling which means they are OK in my book!

    23. BN1F & Green Monster: 2 veterans who are just known for irrelevancy. BN1F isn’t with his boyfriend FC automatically lowering their team chemistry and GM is notorious for missing the playoffs. Match made in heaven.

    Mediocrity: Population you

    22. drose & shammy: Shammy thinks he knows it all when he really knows very little. He can read statistics, mazel tov. Drose yeah I don’t really need to say much about them. Although these 2 will most likely piss everybody off probably hurting their playoff chances even more

    21. Killerjug and lucky: See BN1F and Green Monster except for these 2 always co together… and lose

    20. Mane & UGA Fan: They are only this high since they will get a top 5 pick again, and then ultimately not care after round 5 or move LeBron to point guard. But they got the music forum thing going for them and then they say the don’t give a **** when they blow a top pick again.

    19. Greg, Sportfan and every NBA Forum troll known to man: Sportfan won’t cheat again lowering his value, and then you got the dumbest posters on the site all on one team. Plan for success right there! Greg I don’t know what made you decide to this but god bless your soul

    18. AP, Nate w/ Greetard: AP likes to win, so this trio makes no sense to me. Nate loses. A lot. Like Lenkey a lot. And then Greetard to top it all off. Oh well API guess your missing the playoffs again. Good job good effort.

    17. NYMetros & celtics34: Metros is a very good gm who goes under the radar and so does his team similar to the NFL Redraft. He can easily put together a gem, but he will usually just be that team that nobody notices.

    Congrats You Made The Playoffs But You’re Still Irrelevant

    16. SI & Wrigs: The real wild card of this redraft. Nobody knows what to expect from this team as long as they stay active, as both can go days without appearing online and plus they both got PSD stuff to deal with. Who are we kidding they don’t do anything since SDI doesn’t care.

    15. UTB & Jets: UTB used to be like Lenkey and Nate but somehow he improved. I guess he figured out not to trade every 35 seconds, and now he trades every 50 seconds. Jets is a rookie who did a great job with the Spurs no thanks to GoPacers. However, a bottom feeder playoff team is their ceiling barring Bron or JKD.

    14. BB41 & Asmarks: I don’t know who asmarks, although I remember him quitting a game once, that was comical. So he is a perfect fit for BB41 as they both like to blow up often. BB has been slipping as of late but he knows what it takes to win, lets see if he can get it together.

    13. nyanks & illwill: Well they raped the Thunder in the mock with the KG debacle, and they did a quietly damn good job with the Celtics and making the ECF in the mock. However, I don’t think they will ever be a truly elite contender unless hand gifted a great pick, but nyanks usually puts together good enough teams to get bounced in the 1st round, so cheers to that.

    12. MBT & player: This is the weirdest combo of the mock. MBT is grammatically perfect, crazy, in need of anger management and a damn smart guy, and player is probably just the opposite in all. He made the WCF in his first NBA game despite his god awful write-ups and pitches, and random trade after trade. But he got it done. MBT’s co’s usually **** him up in these things wouldn’t be shocked to see player do the same thing thus making this team a first round exit.

    11. Kingbrentg & dhopisthename: Brent is a very good GM, dhop likes pandas. Great team work but Brent’s team are known to be high seeded and then lose in the first round. I expect a similar thing here, but hey we get to see lots of Pandas!

    10. homestarunner & lakers rock: Homie is the definition of a first round exit in NBA games. Can’t remember the last time he missed the playoffs, but can’t remember the last time he made a run either. LR had the Hawks in the mock, but we will let that slide as he is usually pretty good and he had a god awful co who did stuff without him. Oh well the same ol same ol for this pair.

    9. Eaglesbaby4lyfe and Saddler The GR8: These 2 lost in the first round with Dwight, but it was to Tea Melo so we give them a break since sporty probably cheated. This team either always gets a top pick or just rapes someone at the very end to give them a good team. But again a team that usually fails to deliver in the playoffs probably because they are *******s to everybody on PSD, and there Canadian. Double whammy.

    OH **** you made the 2nd round: You want a cookie?

    8. Corey & Superdude: Superdude turned the Raps from usual suckiness to actually being a playoff threat so kudos to that and Corey is one of the most knowledgeable posters on this site. Should be a solid duo, that could be a threat to make a deep run.

    7. lakers4sho & chacorransau : Who the **** are these guys? I don’t really know either but they somehow always end up with a really good team. Chac is one of the best posters but you would never know it since he is a silent assassin.

    6. Sixerlover & lakerfrk : A veteran team who are consistently putting together top teams. Not much to say about these guys as they are calm, quiet guys who just get the job done.

    5 Rocketsrule & tony: Fun fact of the day: Tony has a ring. Bet you have no idea who he is, but he does indeed have a championship and pair him with RR who if active is one of the best at the Redrafts. This should be a very good duo who I could easily see winning a title.

    The cream of the crop

    4. rosh & jamal: Rosh makes the finals every time, Jamal puts together damn good teams and loses early. Somethings got to give! Ill bet on Jamal’s streak ending and rosh continuing to make deep run after deep run.

    3. MHC, PSK, & Swashcuff: Stats on stats on stats. It will be boring, MHC will shove it down your throat but it is effective. They will post their team and stats so much that you will conform to them being great. However, MHC hasn’t won a title in a while, he is due for another deep run.

    2. KOB & ebbs: The drunken losers is what we common folk like to call these 2 clowns but when they are actually sober enough to put together coherent thoughts there is not a better duo out there. KOB knows how to draft and Ebbs knows how to trade, put it together and you have a championship contending team.

    1. Catfish & PK: Catfish and PK have won the last 2 NBA games individually and have 5 titles between the two of them giving them the number one spot. They have ridiculous nicknames that nobody understands but them, but they put together a damn good team every single time. Before seeing the draft order they will be the team to beat, as they have been the past few games.
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    Rosh's Pre-Draft PR's

    DISCLAIMER: These are not meant to be taken personally at all and I tried to do this honestly and it's just my opinion. This was just for fun and will have no bearing on how I view each of you final teams. I did not rank my team to avoid any biases. Enjoy.

    1. Westwood
    GMs: Chac and Lakers4sho
    Pick: 1st Overall
    Explanation: Straight up, chac is a top GM in this game. Give him and a co that knows his stuff, in l4sho the best player in the league by far, and you got the favorites to win this thing. Chac knows how to build a team as evident by his victory in the last NBA Re-Draft. A combination of the best pick in the draft and a top 5 GM with a good sidekick gives this squad the best chance to win this game.

    2. Valencia
    GMs: CF and PK
    Pick: 9th Overall
    Explanation: You got the winners of the last two games on the same team with a top 10 pick. I expect big things. CF is an absolutely great drafter and knows how to sell his team without shoving it down someones throat. PK is a great negotiatior and is probably the most active player in this game. When you combine a legend of PSD games in CF, a guy who is willing to put in the time and effort to win in PK, and a top 10 pick, you got a very good chance of winning.

    3. Paradise
    GMs: kingbrentg and dhop
    Pick: 5th Overall
    Explanation: Brents silently one of the best GMs in this game. Ive played in the Bulls game with him and Ive played in a couple of these with him and he knows how to build a good team. He knows how to surround his star with fitting role players and when you give him a good co, I like the chances of this team. A top 5 pick to a top GM and a very good GM has this team as one of the more underrated but likely contenders in this ReDraft.

    4. Winterfell
    GMs: ebbs and Kob
    Pick:21st Overall
    Explanation: This one was a hard one to rank. The pick sucks but the GMs are second to none. You got a fantastic drafter in KoB and the best trader Ive ever seen in ebbs. The thing is, that ebbs usually gets himself into trouble with subpar drafting, like last redraft, but then pulls out these trades out of his *** and makes his team a contender. Now if you have KoB doing the drafting and ebbs working the phones, I cant imagine the deals ebbs can pull off with the value they snag in the draft. The pick isnt great, but if you have the best trade rapist in the game and a top drafter, you always have a good chance.

    5. Manhattan
    GMs: SI and Hawkeye
    Pick: 4th Overall
    Explanation: This may be high for two guys that dont have a great deal of experience with Redrafts (at least recently for SI), but I am confident that this duo will put a contender on the court. From reading his posts in the NBA forum, I am very aware that Hawkeye knows his stuff. SI has some experience in these games and should know how the trades/drafting goes. I see Hawkeye having a PSK type rookie game IF hes active. I think this duo has potential with a great pick.

    6. Hartford
    GMs: Corey and Superdude
    Pick: 11th Overall
    Explanation: A top 11 pick for 2 GMs who have both great knowledge and experience. Superdude showed in the Mock that hes not just a goof whos awesome at trolling people and likes to show his drunk *** on tinychat with his (and RRs) great turnaround with the Raps. Corey always builds good teams typically with poor picks and now that he has a top 11 pick I think this duo can make some noise.

    7. Bondi Beach
    GMs: MHC, PSK, Swash, PSK
    Pick: 30th Overall
    Explanation: MHC, PSK, and Swash on the same team is advanced stats central. These guys are so high soley because of their combination of experience and basketball knowledge. MHC is a vet in these games and hasnt missed the playoffs in any game Ive ever been a part of and PSK and Swash are both extremely knowledgeable when it comes to stats. And with another game and win ( ) under PSKs belt, I think hes really grasping how these games go and what it takes to win. I do like the 30th pick more than a middle of the road pick and this is a great combination of GMs.

    8. Virginia Beach
    GMs: RR and tonydb
    Pick: 12th Overall
    Explanation: RocketsRule has played in a billion of these games and still clearly has the touch as evident by, again, his and Superdudes work with the Raps in the mock. Im not really familiar with tony, but I know that RR has won these games before and knows his stuff. The 12th overall gives this team a solid number one option and an outside chance of winning this thing.

    9. Coronado
    GMs: Baller and PL
    Pick: 24th Overall
    Explanation: Baller and PL are quietly getting better every game. I remember they had a very good squad last ReDraft, and in the Mock they were a couple votes from making the finals with the Blazers. The 24th pick is a subpar one, but Baller and PL are both knowledgeable and as a duo have the understanding and experience to make a run.

    10. Clemson
    GMs: homestarrunner and LR
    Pick: 2nd Overall
    Explanation: To be honest, if their pick wasnt so great, I wouldnt have them this high. Homestar hasnt really made a deep run in an NBA game since Ive joined the site, but I think LR knows his stuff (Ill give him a pass on that Hawks debacle in the Mock). A great pick, where you get the rising stud SF or a dominant center, and two vets who understand how voting works and have solid enough knowledge of the game have a decent shot and contending.

    11. Pittsburgh
    GMs: NYMetros and Celtics_34
    Pick: 13th Overall
    Explanation: Metros is generally very good at these games and hes played in more of these than most. The 13th overall pick allows them to get a borderline number one option and for a guy who knows how to build a team well, I think that this could be a team on the outside looking in.

    12. Arlington
    GMs: BB and Askmarks
    Pick: 17th Overall
    Explanation: Blondebomber may not have won one of these games in a while, but hes still always in the hunt. I remember him winning in my first PSD game, BB made a ton of trades, a couple of which he was clearly on the winning end. However, with the level of talent in the GMs pool nowadays, its becoming harder and harder to win trades considerably. I think BB knows how to draft well though, and this can be a darkhorse to win it if BB can pull of a huge trade or two.

    13. Columbia
    GMs: SL and Lakersfrk
    Pick: 23rd Overall
    Explanation: Not a great pick, but another combo consisting of two vets, one a former champ. Lakersfrk is another silent assassin who knows how to win these games and SL is a very good drafter. This team will be hobbled by the 23rd pick, in my opinion, as most bonafide number 1 options are gone. However, I have seen Lakersfrk pull of a few fantastic trades to put himself in the running and wouldnt be surprised to see that again.

    14. Baltimore
    GMs: unleashthebeast and jets_12
    Pick: 22nd Overall
    Explanation: Unleash has really become one of the better GMs in this game, as has jets. This team doesnt have the best pick, but knows how to draft, and if I recall correctly, UTB made a deep run last year with a similar pick. Wouldnt be surprised to see that happen again.

    15. Austin
    GMs: xxplayerxx23, mbt, chronz
    Pick: 28th Overall
    Explanation: MBT, chronz and player is a pretty damn good GM trioand unlike others, I think the 28th pick isnt horrible. MBT always seems to get effed over by his cos in this game, like Baller said in his PRs, but I dont think player will do that. He did pretty damn well in his first PSD game, making the finals with the Rockets, whether people thought it was luck or not. MBT never gets a good pick, but almost always finds a way to make the playoffs. I see this team making the playoffs but unlikely to make a great run.

    16. Brampton
    GMs: eagles and saddler
    Pick: 16th Overall
    Explanation: This is one of the worst picks in the game, because the great number 1s are gone and you dont get a great 2nd rounder. However, eagles and saddler are actually getting good at these games. They did well in the last redraft and eagles is coming off his first win in the Knicks 90s redraft. I think theyll be a fringe playoff squad.

    17. San Diego
    GMs: nyanks and illwill
    Pick: 26th Overall
    Explanation: It hurt me to put you guys this low because nyanks is a very very good GM and these two did really well in the Mock. But this GM pool is just so stacked and a late pick doesnt give you guys a great chance. I think you guys will definitely contend for the playoffs however.

    18. McMinnville
    GMs: MGB and Futuro
    Pick: 8th Overall
    Explanation: I like futuro and all but unfortunately I cant put you higher. Like I said, the GM pool is stacked, and this duo just hasnt shown me enough in previous games to plug you into the playoffs.

    19. Las Vegas
    GMs: Greg, Sporty and his annoying friends
    Pick: 20th Overall
    Explanation: Sporty almost always makes the playoffs , but you guys just dont have a great pick and with the GM pool I dont see much room for the classic SF rape trades. If you pull one of them off though, you guys can jump up. Greg knows his stuff, but those other guys, not really.

    20. Salem
    GMs: BN1F and GM
    Pick: 29th Overall
    Explanation: BN1F usually finds a way to make the playoffs but Im not sure how hell deal with a co-GM whos shown nothing but mediocrity in these games after working with phlp and FC, who were pretty good at these games previously. Also, the pick isnt very good..

    21. St. Joseph
    GMs: AP and Nate
    Pick: 27th Overall
    Explanation: I actually dont hate the late pick, but I dont remember the last time that nate made the playoffs and AP, though I like him, was kind of underwhelming in the mock and the previous redraft. Another team on the outside looking in.

    22. Vancouver
    GMs: Mane and ugafan
    Pick: 10th Overall
    Explanation: Mane and ugafan arent dumb guys but they usually luck out with great picks. Tenth overall is pretty good but its not a guaranteed playoff spot and from what I saw the last two years, their drafting in the mid-late rounds became questionable.

    23. Flints
    GMs: SugeKnight, Raiderposting, TO
    Pick: 7th Overall
    Explanation: Its a great pick, but these GMs just havent shown me a reason to put them higher. You guys could very well contend but I just have no reason to put you at the top at this point.

    24. Honolulu
    GMs: Gopacers and Reyes
    Pick: 6th Overall
    Explanation: GoPacers hasnt finished one of these games in the history of ever and Im not sure how active Reyes will be at this point. Not feeling this duo despite the pick.

    25. Raleigh
    GMs: Rob and NBA Starter
    Pick: 25th Overall
    Explanation: Not a particularly crafty or experienced duo with the 25th screams mediocre team to me.

    26. Horneytown
    GMs: KL, Bs, Raps
    Pick: 19th Overall
    Explanation: Not a great pick and a trio that missed the playoffs with the 3rd overall last game. Not a very bright outlook.

    27. Blackfoot
    GMs: drose, shammy, cubbybear
    Pick: 14th Overall
    Explanation: Not sure what to expect. Drose hasnt shown to be a good GM, I havent seen much of cubby, and shammy relies on stats and only them without looking at context. Add in one of the harder picks to build around and you got a team thats most likely missing the playoffs.

    28. Flagstaff
    GMs: killerjug and lucky
    Pick: 15th Overall
    Explanation: Sorry KJ, just not a great duo with a hard pick to build around. Not seeing it.

    29. Springfield
    GMs: rivera, Justin and brianwingss
    Pick: 18th Overall
    Explanation: Sorry rivvy, I just havent ever seen you make the playoffs and the 18th pick wont help.

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    First Round Grades

    1. Lebron James F-

    2. Kevin Durant A
    Not much needs to be said here, the right pick at number 2.

    3. Dwight Howard A
    I like this pick a lot considering Dwightmare is over and Dwights popularity is rising once again, in particular with a certain fan base.

    4. Chris Paul A
    Catfish and I showed in the last re-draft that you can in fact win with CP3 as your best player. Get him some post presence and you are in good position.

    5. Dwayne Wade A-
    Some people may claim he is declining and whatnot, but he is still an elite player when healthy as proved by his outstanding regular season. You may have to sell a few of the voters on Wade still being a top player after his underwhelming performance in the playoffs but nothing to be worried about.

    6. Derrick Rose B
    Not necessarily a bad pick but considering he is injured and may not be back until late in the season, I would have taken a couple other players in this position. There are more serviceable point guards than there are pandas in this re-draft, and thats saying something.

    7. Kobe Bryant B+
    Kobe Bean Bryant. Two things pop into my head right away: his ridiculous contract and Stephanie Rice. I may be a little bit biased against Kobe but he is still a number one option; however, he needs help to win and having a smaller salary cap will make it a bit difficult to find him solid options.

    8. Dirk Nowitzki A+
    I personally thought he would be drafted at number 6. You got yourself great value and a player who got it done in the playoffs very recently.

    9. Kevin Love A+
    Another player I thought should have gone a spot or two higher. His lack of team success in the NBA may make the voters doubt him as a number one option but I know Catfish and PK will make any doubts go away.

    10. Russell Westbrook A-
    This is a very interesting pick. The top 9 picks were set in stone, everyone knew those 9 players would be gone by the time the 10th pick was up. The main reason I gave this pick an A- is the quantity and quality of the PG position in this re-draft, considering #TeaMelo was still available as well as Bynum.

    11. Andrew Bynum A
    Yes. I believe in Andrew, he is one of the most skilled offensive big men in the league and one of the better two way players whenever he actually feels like playing. I heard he has added a 3 point shot to his repertoire as well so bonus panda points for this pick.

    12. Carmelooooooooooooooooo Anthony A+


    13. Deron Williams A
    DMF jizzed her pants with this pick. I feel Deron is being underrated by fans nowadays because his team hasnt done particularly well recently. Dont blame him, just look at who he was playing with. Anyway, I like this pick.

    14. LaMarcus Aldridge A+
    I like the previous pick now even more. Deron + LMA is sex. Aldridge has shown he can be a number one option so pairing him with Deron is amazing. Great job on assembling a fine duo.

    15. Tony Parker A
    He was the BPA, solid pick. Now that he is rocking the James Worthy goggles, he has crazy swag.

    16. Rajon Rondo B
    Dont like the pick by itself, but getting Griffin makes it easier to swallow. Rajon is a great player but his efficiency leaves a lot to be desired.

    17. DeMarcus Cousins D+
    I love me some Boogie but this was a reach. Im pretty sure you could have grabbed him with your second rounder.

    18. Kevin Garnett B
    Im sure his contract made you seal the deal on picking him, but there were a few other players I would have taken. Judging the pick by itself, this was solid but not A worthy.

    19. Pau Gasol A
    Another player who should have gone a spot or two higher. Good pick Lenkey.

    20. Chris Bosh A
    Its harder to pick up number one options after the first 15 or so picks but I still believe this man is a borderline top option. Playing with Lebron and Wade has lowered his touches on the offensive side, but his defense has improved and he can still rebound the ball.

    21. Paul Pierce B+
    Im not a fan or Pierce whatsoever but he is a solid pick at 21. Bosh + Pierce resembles the Dirk + Pierce combo done a few games back. I wonder how Bosh would do with a PG like Nash, who I think would have been a better option.

    22. Manu Ginobili A-
    He is a solid number 2 option but his impact in clutch situations can make him a top option for short spurts.

    23. Blake Griffin A
    I like the pick and having Rondo feed him the ball doesnt hurt at all. The two man fastbreak and pick and roll is something to about.

    24. Steve Nash A+
    Loved this pick. He is the ultimate offensive player, he can do it all (but dunk). Both Nash and Garnett are on their last legs so I wonder how voters will react to this archaic connection.

    25. Tim Duncan A+
    Another old timer who can still play with the young ones. Not a bad piece to start off your team with, Im interested to see what players you put around him.

    26. Marc Gasol A
    This man should get more touches with Memphis but he is surrounded with ballhogs. His defense makes up for his lack of offensive output.

    27. James Harden B-
    I used to think the 13EARD could be a number one option but Im not so sure anymore. He looked awful at times during the playoffs whenever Kevin and/or Russy took a breather.

    28. Al Jefferson B+
    This man led a not so sexy Utah team into the playoffs. With the right pieces he can do the same in this game.

    29. Josh Smith B-
    Not a fan of this pick, I see Josh Smith more as third option/borderline second option. His impact defensively though makes this pick into an okay selection.

    30. Kyrie Irving A
    Getting picked this high shows how talented this guy is. His upside is tremendous and I fully trust the GMs of Bondi Beach to surround him with veteran leadership to counter his lack of experience.

    Feel free to like, dislike, laugh or cry about these.

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    Melky Way Division

    1. Paradise


    I like this team a lot. Dragic is pretty underated and was overshadowed a bit by Lowry's great play. George is a great defensive player and improving slowly on the offensive end. I think Batum is a bit overated but he's still a solid wing who can nail down a 3. Dirk is Dirk thought he fell a few picks too far so was a very good pick. The only thing I see as a problem for this team is it will rely almost too much on perimeter shooting so I would get a big who can score in the low post to create a bit more balance

    2. Coronado


    Baller took a risk trading out of the first round and it looks like he was rewarded. Some will question Johnson as a #1 option but I see it as more of a 1A 1B type option with him and Millsap. Hibbert is constantly improving and is very solid defensively which helps counteracts Millsap. I would be careful as too which PG to add next to Johnson as it may be tricky but overall a very nice start.

    3. Manhattan


    This is a very interesting team right here. Paul is the best PG in the game and will make all of his teammates better. With that said I thought Anthony Davis was a pretty big reach in the second round. I thought there were some better more established PF's left and most likely would have ranked the team higher. I love Pekovic and think he's very underrated but maybe thats because I'm a wolves fan. Rubio helped Pekovic become much better so I can only imagine what Paul would do. I would attempt to move Davis for a more veteran PF to make a deep run

    4. Vancouver (Update clubhouse)


    This is a very interesting team also. I liked the Westbrook pick and think he's actually underated amongst the top PG's out there. While I think Afflalo was picked a bit early i like his fit next to Westbrook and while his defensive numbers were down he's often guarding the other teams best wing player. Mcgee I don't know what to think of. He's got talent thats for sure, but he isn't the brightest bulb and all the talent isn't always shown. My advice would be to move Mcgee for less of a risk at center.

    5. Columbia

    I don't think this team is bad but there are just so many risks on it makes it kind of scary. You have both Gordon and Bogut coming off of major injuries and while injuries don't matter in this game Bogut can never stay healthy anymore and it hurts their reputation. I like Gordon a lot at SG and feel he is also pretty underated. I'm not a fan of Tyreke at PG. The Kings moved him out of there and I don't feel he can really play it anymore. Also AK47 is the ultimate risk. He had a great Olympics but who knows how he'll play in the NBA as it's been a couple years. There is definitely talent on this team and with a couple trades could easily move up in the division

    Just my thoughts and my first PR's so don't take anything personally I love you all

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    This is based on how your team is now.
    #24 Lakeland Division
    1.Virgina Beach
    I like the way you have started the team. Lawson is a quick PG that can shoot the ball. Wallace is still a solid player that can defend the 3 well, Melo really turned his season around last year when he moved to PF, he causes matchup problems. Defense is a bit of a question mark as you need a man in the middle and their arent many good ones left. Either way I like this team overall and I think you have the best team in the division.

    2.Raleigh Robbs
    Well your backcourt defense isn't great, but man can those two score. Jennings is seen as a chucker on PSD. but I don't see him that way. He isn't your pass first PG, but I think he grew out of the chucker stage. Illysova spreads the floor nicley for timmy and him and timmy can both Rebound. I really like the way this team has started and its a solid fit overall. Weakness might be back court defense but Timmy even at his age is a very good defensive center, and your back court can score with just about any. I think you will be fighting for a playoff spot for sure.

    Intresting team. I like Love and Lowry a lot, big fan of that combo. Love is the best rebounding foward in the league and Lowry has shown flashes of brillance on offense. He is one of the best defensive Pgs in the game. I might be one of the only ones but I think Jrue can play SG well. He is used to not having the ball in his hands all the time due to Iggy being the Point foward in his time in Philly. Jrue spreads the floor and is such a good on the ball defender that I believe he can guard a lot of Sgs well. Weakness is going to be front court defense. Love is not Known as a defender and their arent many defensive Big men left. I really like the team and I think this for sure has a chance to be a playoff team if you finish this team off good.

    Rose can carry an offense, no doubt in my mind. You have a scoring Center that can fill it up and a pesky SOB in Scola. Its not a bad start to the team. The weakness is the frontcourt rebounding and the frontcourt defense. You will mostlikely get killed on the boards against most matchups and if you go against a good PF or Center you will have all trouble scoring. You need to patch up that defense with some nice wing defenders. I think with the right picks you could be fighting for a playoff spot.

    5.McMinnville (Not sure if clubhouse is updated)
    I really believe Wade can be a number 1 option on a good team. But he needs some players around him. Ibaka is a solid PF and has a nice jumper but only having those two this deep in the draft is going to hurt. I don't see this team being a playoff team unless you have some surprise picks up your selves. This division is very talented and I will have to see how you finish off this team, the first two picks was a solid start but you need to finish off and I don't think you match up well with the rest of the division.

    x_notorious Division

    1.Austin- Are you surprised? I didn't want to rank my team but **** it im ranking so many teams I desreve to pat me Mbt, and chronz back some. Love the offense on our team, love the big man combo. Perfect in an out game for the bigs and 2 wings that can shoot the 3 very well. We need to get some more defense on the team but I think we should have a good shot at playoffs.

    Nash with talent= He is a different PG when he has some players to pass the ball. He is as effiecnet as it gets, he is up there in age so getting a solid backup PG is a must just to shut up the "age BS you will get" Father time hasn't hit him yet. Lee is perfect next to nash, he is a solid defender and can shoot the 3 ball. Nash and KG pick and pop is a great, its an amazing combo. KG is still a top 3-5 defender in the league so he can help make up for Nash. Faried is a ball of energy, he is a monster rebounder, so you have a very good 4 some so far. Love what you guys have done and you have a shot to make some series noise depending on how you build around Nash-KG.

    3.Bondi beach
    I love Kyrie, I am a true believe that he can be a number 1 option on offense. He does everything well can shoot the ball for sure. Love it. I think he is better then Ellis which is why I have you ahead of the next team im going to rank. Iggy is a solid number 2 option. Your front court defense is one of the best in the games. Bass is so damn under-rated on that side of the ball. You need a scoring 2 guard and some scoring off the bench to make some noise IMO, but your defense alone is enough for you to get some playoff consideration and I love what you guys have done. Good job no surprise 3 very good Gms with the 30th pick doing a good job.

    I am a big fan of Ellis. I think he is a solid number 1 for sure, many do not like him on psd which is why you are number 4instead of number 3 in the division. Marion is still an elite defender which could give elite SFs some trouble. Conley is a very good Pg and is solid. I like Marion-Noah on the defensive side of the ball and I like Ellis-Conley on the offensive side. Its a good mixture. I think you still need a scoring PF and some scoring on the bench to make some noise but you guys have done a solid job. Weakness might be scoring.

    Sorry guys, Im not a big fan of the team. I love Cousins and Monroe but they aren't a great mesh. They were built around John wall and Iman who both are very good young and up and comers but can't shoot and don't mesh with the two bigs. If this was more the a one year RD then you guys would be a very scary team because all 4 of those guys have nice futures ahead of themselves. I don't think your team is ready to win now and thats why I have you 5th in the division. I don't think you will be a playoff team sorry.

    thesparky33 Division

    Lebron the best start you can have. Lebron James is by far the best player in the game. Its simple build okay around him and you are a divison winner. Anderson, Hill,and wes can all shoot which is perfect for his drive and kicks. Lebron can take over on both sides of the ball. Hill is a solid defender and can shoot the ball and he fits in very well. Lebron and Anderson rebound the ball well which is huge. My advice is to go defensive/rebounding Center. I love the team you put around Lebron and you didn't mess up with your #1 pick, good job.

    I love Bynum, I think he could be the man and be very good as the a #1 option. Boozer is very underrated now, he is viewed as a bum but the guy still can play. Boozers ability to shoot the ball is perfect for bynum to go to work. Gallo spreads the floor and uped his defense last year. I really like the way these two spread the floor for Bynum to operate and if you come with the double Boozer and Gallo can make you pay.

    I like Parker and Gorat PnR. Parker is just as good as if not better then Nash so I don't see what the problem would be, I see Gortat doing the same thing he did in Phx. Brand is a great defensive player and his mid range shot opens up the lane for Parker to drive. I really like the way this team is built with Oj mayo camping by the 3 point line. Parker would thrive with the middle open a lot and PnR game with Gortat would be very good. I think very highley of this divison and I think all can make a run at the playoffs.
    4.Las Vegas
    Curry-Nene-Amare offensive baby. Curry and Amare would work some nice Pick and rolls and Curry spreads the floor. My problem with the team is you have one defender. Leonard is a solid defender but I don't think he is a type of defender to change the game. You guys will score a bunch off points but your lack of defense and lack of a true inside presence is why I ranked you this low. This is a very tough division and your offense is as good as any but I think you won't be able to get stops when you need it sorry guys.

    I know you have Durant but I have no clue what you put around him. Im sure this team isn't the worst in the divison but since I your clubhouse isn't updated and Im too lazy to go find it, i put you here.

    Musashi Division
    Love what you have done. Pierce and Bosh are both solid #1 options IMO. I think that all 3 of your players can play solid defense. Pierce and bosh can both score while Perk is a tough post defender. I would advice getting a good scoring 2 guard and a PG that can pass the ball and shoot. Bosh midrange is as good as it gets, and can really take control of this team. I like the duo and the defense which is why I picked you to win this divison.

    2.Saint Joseph
    I like the Harden-LMA combo. Lma is a legit number 1 option and allows Harden to be a number 2 option which I think he would thrive at. Teague was a bit of a stretch but he is a solid shooter and is a nice young player. Harden is a solid passer and would run PnR with LMA. I would try to get a defensive Center and add some shooters. You need some bench scoring and I think you can make a solid playoff run.

    Rondo+Blake Griffin is lob city lol. Griffin is a 20-10 player and with Rondo as his PG he could easily get to that. Rondo is one of the best if not the best pure passing PG. Prince is still solid even at his age. He is a decent shooter. You need to get some more shooters to go with Rondo to make this team legit. I like the start no doubt you guys have done a good job. Rondo-Griffin need shooters so again go get some shooters.

    I think Granger is a solid number 1 option and Smith is a good number 2 option. Tony allen adds to a great defensive team. Vaj is a pesky center and a pain in the *** to most. You guys need to go out and get some more scoring but your defense has to be one of the best in the game. Granger+Smith is not going to carry an offense and thats my knock on the team. If you get a scoring PG and a some scorers off the bench this team can really upset some teams and make some serious noise.

    I like Manu I really do but this team doesn't have scoring. Manu is a solid number 1 option but he needs somebody to score with him. You have 3 great defenders in Gibson-Chandler and Thabo but who is going to score? I think you need a scoring PG and a lot of scoring help. If you could do that I think you can get into playoff contention, but right now there isn't enough scoring on this team sorry guys

    The Melky Way Division

    I love Dirk. I think he is a guy that has proven he can take a team on his back. You put some nice pieces around him. Batum spreads the floor out for dirk and George is a very solid defender and is flashy on offense. Dirk has some nice help. Dragic is a very underrated PG on PSD, the guy can play man. This team is a good fit and Dirk has help which is huge. Dirk built around with talent can make a run at winning the whole game, I really like the job you have done.

    I think you put perfect pieces around Joe for the team to do well. Milsap and Hibbert is a great PF-C combo, both can score and both can defend well at there pos. Joe can do what he does best and thats score. Thad young is a solid defender and can be used as a bench piece. This team also is a perfect fit and all 4 guys can defend very well. JJ and Millsap can handle the scoring with Hibbert being the #3 option on offense. I think you need a scroing PG and some more 3 point shooting but I like the way you have started.

    Intresting. Chris paul is the best PG in the game. Paul will make Davis transition into the NBA a lot easier. Pek is a very good Center and a tough one. He showed last year that he can score and is a tough rebounder. You need some shooting on this team but you have some nice defenders and solid offense with Paul and Davis leading the way. I like Davis more then some and think this is a good fit.

    I love Westy, think he could take a team on his back but everybody needs some help. Mcgee hasn't proven he can handle being a full time starting center on a championship team. I like AA a lot he is a very good defender and a good fit next to Westy, you need to help Westy and get him a guy that can score next to him. Overall I like this team and its tough to rank you 4th in the division. If theres a way to get 4 teams from one divsion into the playoffs I would bet on this divison having a shot to do it.

    Gordon is very solid. I think he is a very good player, but I don't like Reke as the PG. I don't think Reke can be an NBA PG on a championship team. Bogut scares me with his injury history and I do not think there is enough scoring on this team. You guys are solid on rebounding and not a bad team at all, but this diviison is as tough as it gets. I like all 5 teams and think all have a case on why they should be higher.

    jeff86 Division
    1.Santa Monica
    You have the best big man in the game. He is a playmaker, and changes the way an opposing team works on offense. Dwight is a monster rebounder and is a demon in the post. Bargs and Ray are a perfect fit next to Dwight. Bargs can flat out score and Ray spreads the floor perfect. If you double Dwight you will pay because you have the best 3 point shooter in the game and a PF that stretchs the floor open. Its a great team and you started to build around Dwight in the best way possible. You guys have what it takes to win it all.

    2.Horney town
    I like what you guys have done. Gay+Gasol can handle the offensive load while Billups spreads the floor and is a solid defender. Bradley is a shut down defender and I love the way he devolped a Jumpshot. He is a good fit to the team, Gasol and Gay are both solid offensive players and I think that as a whole this team can score. You guys might need one more wing defender but overall I think this team can make some noise. IMO this is a solid playoff team in the tough east.

    While I don't like the Rubio-Kobe fit, you guys have one of the best players in the NBA and a underrated 18-10 guy in David lee. You must get a defensive center and some shooting. Rubio's terrible outside game will hurt you and Kobe handles the ball a lot which hurts Rubio. With that being said you guys have two solid scorers and a guy that can get the ball to them. Rubio is a top 5-7 defender at his pos and will make it tough on opposing Pgs. Solid job and I think you can make a run at the playoffs.

    I like Marc Gasol, but I don't believe he can be a #1 option on a championship team. Deng is a solid player but is more of a #2 option Your front court offense is very good but the backcourt defense isn't good. I really think this team has a chance to make the playoffs but the divison is tough and I don't buy Gasol as a #1. Its not a bad team at all but I think you will have a tough time making a playoff team.

    I loved the duo of Deron-LMA. You guys IMO messed up with that trade. I don't think Deron-Zbo is nearly good enough to do well in this divison. I am not a fan of Jordan as the center, he isn't really much of a player. I don't like the fit of DD with Deron. The lack of outside shooting to go along with Deron is a concern. Deron is a great player to start with and my advice is to try and get some shooters around him. If anything move DD to the bench and try to get a sharp shooter.

    That is the end of my PRs. It took forever so Spelling,Grammar will not be good. sorry if I offended anybody.
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    1) Santa Monica: Stuckey – Gordon – Ariza – Hump – Howard
    Key Bench Pieces: LRMAM

    If your team was a woman, she would be………. Sara Jean Underwood
    Well this is the cream of the crop in the East. While their latest trade put them a step back in my opinion, they still remain at the top. Howard is joined by a dangerous wing scorer in Gordon which forms one of the mock’s most intriguing duos. Ariza serves to be the team’s defensive stopper though he is nowhere near the player he once was. I do feel that the team would be best served in trading both Stuckey and Hump as they are not the best of fits on this team. Stuckey is the bigger issue however because he has now made the transition to SG and is not the distributor this team needs to help utilize Howard and Gordon.

    2) Paradise: Dragic – George – Batum – Nowitzki – Okafor
    Key Bench Pieces: R. Hamilton

    If your team was a woman, she would be………. Adriana Lima
    Another team that is a part of that upper echelon of teams in this redraft. I am particularly impressed with the team’s line up 1-4. Dragic is coming off a nice season and serves to be a great PG that can be paired with Dirk. George and Batum offer a great deal of athleticism and shooting ability which complement the rest of the roster quite nicely. Where the biggest issue with this team lies is with Okafor. Okafor simply has no business starting in the league at this stage of his career. His post defense and overall ability to protect the rim is limited and quite frankly awful. He finished last season as leagues 332nd best overall defender. Not the guy you want next to Dirk and not the guy you want facing the likes of Howard, Gasol or Hibbert in the playoffs.

    3) Salem: M. Williams – T.Allen – Granger – J.Smith – Varejao
    Key Bench Pieces: Ben Gordon

    If your team was a woman, she would be………. Olivia Wilde
    This is one strong overall squad with only a few weaknesses. You have done a nice job of surrounding Granger and Smith with good role players. I really like the selection of Tony Allen and Mo Williams as both fit the offense nicely. Tony serves to be your defensive stopper but in a conference where most of the best players are forwards, Allen best skills will likely be a little underutilized. The biggest challenge for you is similar to that of Paradise; the center position. While Varejao is certainly a starting caliber forward/center, he does not possess the post defense to be a factor against the other centers in the west. You could go far in the playoffs but if you run into a team like Santa Monica or Coronado, you could be in trouble. Considering that you were one of the last picks in the first round, you have done a great job so far in the redraft in making your team competitive.

    4) Winterfell: Sessions – Morrow – Pierce – Bosh – Perkins
    Key Bench Pieces: None

    If your team was a woman, she would be………. Alessandra Ambrosio
    I expect nothing less from KOB and Ebbs to trade up in the draft and grab another star player to go with the one they already had. Bosh and Pierce serve to be a solid base to which to build your team. Both players serve to complement each other well as both run the pick and roll to a high degree of effectiveness which makes the duo that much better. Perkins was a smart choice for your center as you are surrounded with talented and physical centers in your conference. While Perkins is a great post defender, he is not a great rim protector and RAPM suggests he actually hurts his teams overall defensive play. However this could be a small price to play with having an answer to Dwight Howard. Accompanying these 3 are Anthony Morrow and Sessions. Morrow provides spacing needed to ensure Pierce and Bosh is not doubled too often. The concern however lies with Sessions who at times is a very questionable decision maker and distributor. At this stage of his career, Pierce has become more of a spot up shooter and it could be a difficult task to get Sessions to effectively run your offense. I could see Pierce and Bosh struggle due to Sessions turnovers and shoot first mentality.

    5) Coronado: A.Miller – J.Johnson – C.Brewer – Millsap – Hibbert
    Key Bench Pieces : Young

    If your team was a woman, she would be………. Heidi Klum
    Another very strong team that was difficult to rank. The team has 3 very good players that are all borderline all-stars this past season. Millsap and Hibbert make for a very strong offensive frontcourt that is capable of destroying teams on the low block. JJ serves to be the team’s primary wing scorer which takes some of the pressure off of the team’s talented front court. Andre Miller was chosen to be the team’s playmaker and floor general. The pick was not a great one but an average one considering Miller’s age and actual role the last few seasons. He knows how to make smart decisions with the basketball but he is a bad shooter and paired with Brewer, the team will struggle to know down shots from the outside. The biggest challenge for this team will be perimeter defense. Corey Brewer has all the tools and overall talent to be a great defensive player but the reality is that he is not. He struggles to guard just about anyone on the perimeter and really is a terrible fit next to Joe Johnson who is the team’s best perimeter defender. Hibbert and Millsap must be at their best defensively with two very weak defenders in Miller and Brewer on this team already. In the end this team is asking a lot of Joe Johnson as he is the only capable defender, scorer and shooter that play’s away from the basket. Young will help cover up a few of the weaknesses but he proved last year he was better served playing the PF position that the wing. However with a few moves, this team could easily move up the standings.

    6) Baltimore: Jack – Ginobili – E.Turner – Scola – Chandler
    Key Bench Pieces: Green & Augustine

    If your team was a woman, she would be………. Jessica Biel
    I always find teams that are built around Manu to be fascinating. Manu is a unique player in that he has always been more of a great complimentary piece than being the so called “guy”. I do however believe the UTB and his co have done a nice job surrounding Manu with capable and talented players that can make building around him a success. First off I like the pairing of Scola and Chandler. Both serve two very different purposes on both offense and defense. Chandler will be cleaning up the glass and getting the easy put backs while Scola shoots over 45% from over 16 feet to 3 point range. I can see this pair working well together and I can see Manu and Chandler running that pick and roll masterfully. In terms of the PG position, Jack was a steal where you got him in the draft. He is a talented combo guard capable of not only running the offense but scoring when he is asked to. The concern for this team is similar to that of Coronado. You will struggle with perimeter defense. Jack, Manu and Turner are all below average wing defenders which lead to the question; who are you going to turn to when your team needs a defensive stop? Chandler can only be counted on for so much defensively and it could be in this team’s best interest to upgrade its perimeter defense if it has aspirations of getting out of the first round. A well drafted team though considering where they drafted from.

    7) San Diego: Lin – Thornton – Deng – Davis – Gasol
    Key Bench Pieces: R. Brewer

    If your team was a woman, she would be………. Kaley Cuoco
    This is another team in the eastern conference that has shown a good balance between offense and defense. Gasol and Deng are a great defensive duo that any team would love to have. You have an answer to not only the league’s best low post scorer but also the league’s best perimeter player. A nice team advantage for sure. Gasol also is a much underrated low post scorer and in my mind is the third best center in the league today. Ed Davis is kind of an odd choice though to start as he was unable to crack the Raptors starting lineup even when Bargnani was hurt. Davis is a solid rebounder but at times gets lost on defense (especially in rotations) and gets out of his comfort zone on offense too often. He is a player I would look to upgrade going forward. Your backcourt is solid offensively as both Lin and Thornton know how to fill it up. The challenge with Thornton though is that much of his game is built around transition offense and Lin struggles in that department. I am just concerned how these two will play together as their styles of play are very different. In the end your team’s success will be based on how much people buy into the effectiveness of your offense with Lin at the helm. Solid playoff team for sure.

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    8) Manhattan: Paul L.Willaims G.Hill A.Davis Pekovic
    Key Bench Pieces: R.Jefferson & Odom

    If your team was a woman, she would be. Katy Perry
    This is where I think the conference falls off a bit. The conference has 7 very good teams leaving the last playoff spot open to almost anyone in the conference. I chose Manhattan here because of one major advantage; having Chris Paul. Paul is capable of turning any group of ordinary players into good ones. Though Paul will likely be leaned on more to shoulder a bigger offensive load like he did in New Orleans with no real number 1 offensive option,. Paul leads an interesting group of characters that features a unique blend of young and old. Anthony Davis was a bit of a surprise selection in the 2nd round. Typically rookies do not fare very well in these games with voters and you likely could of grabbed him in the third or maybe fourth round. However, there is no denying his defensive potential and if people buy into his NBA potential as a defensive force, he is a great fit for this team. He serves as a great compliment to offensive minded Pekovic who is a talented low post scorer capable of going off for 20 points. Louis Williams provides some additional scoring to the team whole Grant Hill serves to be the teams consistent presence on the wing defensively. As far as the bench goes it leaves much to be desired. Richard Jefferson is not particularly well respected on PSD these days and as is Odom. I had Odom in the mock off-season and man did I get ripped for it. He simply wont get respect after what happened last year in Dallas. With that being said, with Chris Paul at the helm, anything is possible and with a few more moves, this team could be dangerous come playoff time.

    9) Brampton Bolts: Rondo JRich Prince Griffin Pachulia
    Key Bench Pieces: Beasley

    If your team was a woman, she would be. Rhiana
    Well you opted to build around two very different players in Griffin and Rondo. In Griffin you have an underrated low post scoring machine and in Rondo one of the league premier playmakers and defenders. I look for a similar result between Griffin and Rondo as we saw with Paul and Griffin on the clippers. Rondo will find ways to maximize Griffin offensively to be the best of his ability. The other major thing going for you is Rondos PSD fan base who seem to worship the guy more than by own affinity for the sexy and delicious Sara Jean Underwood. That is always a great advantage to have. With that being said, the rest of the team has some question marks. Pachulia is a talented rebounder and a decent low post scorer but leaves much to be desired on the defensive end. Paired with Griffin and you have a defensive dup that is unable to guard the Eastern Conferences elite centers. What will be your answer to stopping Dwight, Hibbert, Gasol? This is an important question you have to address. I dont mind JRich starting as he can be effective sometimes in his offensive role. Perhaps Rondo can make him more useful than what we saw in Orlando the last few years. He is also the only player on your roster capable of knocking down the outside shot. Prince and Beasley serve to be a decent option at SF and considering where you got them in the draft, both were good value. I like what you have begun to put together with your team and with a few more timely moves, you could easily see yourself in the playoff picture. Go Bolts!

    10) Columbia: Nelson R.Allen Kirlenko Bargnani Bogut
    Key Bench Pieces: Evans

    If your team was a woman, she would be. Sandra Bullock
    I like what you tried to do in your last trade. You go rid of the much misunderstood character that is Kris Humphries and EG who is coming off an injury riddled season and replaced them with two players who suffered injuries that cost them a good chunk of last season. While you certainly gave up the best player in the deal, you did make your overall team better. I really like the Bogut and Bargnani frontcourt as they will fit nicely together. Bogut will do all the dirty work Barganni wont do while Bargs will be more than happy to be what looks like the number 1 offensive option. If teams buy into Bogut and see him as being healthy, your team could move up a few more spots. I really like that you picked up Ray Allen and AK47. Both players are great role players to have on any team. The biggest question with this team however is with Nelson who struggled a great deal of time last season. Can he be counted on to get the ball to the plethora of offensive options you have? That is one question I dont have the answer to but it is one many voters will ask. It was a good decision to move Evans to the sixth man position as he has all the potential to flourish in that role. I would likely try and move some of your assets to get a proven number 1 option if possible or find an PG alternative.

    11) Horneytown: Billups Bradley Gay Jamison Gasol
    Bench: N.Collison

    If your team was a woman, she would be. Kristen Wig
    Another team I would have liked to have put higher in the rankings but I struggled to get over the offensive inefficiency plaguing this team. I like Gasol and Gay together as Gasol is more than fine with deferring offense to another player. Gay is also capable of being a number 1 option though people either like him or they hate him. While Gasol is a great piece to build around, I am concerned you have surrounded him with the wrong kinds of talent. Rudy Gay and Jamison are both widely considered by many to be chuckers which can hurt the overall opinion of your team. It is ok if you just have Gay but add in Jamison and it is simply too much. You cant have both so you should probably choose one and move on. While I think Bradley and Billups is a solid back court pairing, Billups has very much transitioned into becoming a SG at this stage of his career. Can he still be an effective PG? I am not so sure. Bradley has the makings of being a defensive stopper and solid role player but he remains young and has a very small sample size for people to base his success off of. If you can find a way to get a more traditional PG and move Jamison for a starting center, your team would be in much better shape going forward and likely would be in the playoffs. I still like your team though as you have some great pieces, they just dont fit together well. With a few moves you can be a playoff team.

    12) Saint Joseph: Teague Harden Butler Aldridge R.Lopez
    Key Bench Pieces: None

    If your team was a woman, she would be. Michelle Rodriguez
    Many teams every redraft opt to build around two star players. Sometimes it works and sometimes it backfires. In this case it may have backfired. While I actually love the duo of Harden and LA, the rest of your team is holding you back severely. Jeff Teague simply went way too high in the draft considering the type of PGs that went off the board rounds after him. Caron Butler is coming off a terrible season where he did nothing of any real value. Robin Lopez is coming off a year where he was sent to the bench and never really recovered. He only played 14 minutes a contest last season but here he will be expected to start when in reality he has not shown that he is deserving of such opportunity. It is too bad that you dont have better players around your star talent as I do believe it is a very incredible duo. The issue is that you need to upgrade the other positions around them and you simply dont have the assets at the moment to do it. You are likely going to be forced to move one of them to shore up the rest of your starting lineup. I am curious to see what your next major move will be but something has to give. I think you guys can turn it around because you guys are very capable GMs. Best of luck.

    13) Pittsburgh: D.Williams DeRozan TBD Randolph Jordan
    Key Bench Pieces: None

    If your team was a woman, she would be. Helen Hunt
    Much like Saint Joseph, you have two very good players surrounded by average level talent. Jordan is a great weak side help defender but can struggle to body up his man in the paint. DeRozan has had difficulty being efficient over the last few years and this is despite having an incredible ability to attack the basket when he feels like it. If only he had an outside shot. I would have actually had your team in the playoff picture but you are missing one starter. Being the fact that you are the only team without all their starters, this is a major concern. You simply went far too long without a draft pick and it is likely a trade is needed to put your team back in the picture. It is certainly going to be tough to compete with teams that have 6 players when you only have 4. I think you are one team that could benefit greatly from a trade and it could be something to consider shoring up the rest of the team. I like the duo of Deron and Zach but you simply need more good players around them to make it work. Good luck.

    14) Flint: Rubio Kobe W.Chandler K.Martin D. Lee
    Key Bench Pieces: K.Thompson & J.Oneal

    If your team was a woman, she would be. Rosie Odonell
    Well what to say about Flint. I really like Rubio paired with Kobe in the backcourt as it takes a great deal of the pressure off Kobe to handle the ball. I like that you found a capable and strong low post scorer in David Lee to paid with Kobe but too bad he is out of position. David Lee is a PF and playing him at center is a mistake. If you can find a capable center that plays good defense to play next to Lee, you will be all set! I dont mind Chandler starting on the wing as he is a good option there considering the lack of goo depth at SF these days. My biggest question for you is why did you take Klay? Your best back up is also backing up your best player. That does not make much sense for me despite the fact that I really like Klay Thompson. I would try and trade Klay for a capable starting center to help put your team in the right position to succeed coming voting. You have the pieces to make some trades, so I suggest you start sending the PMs right away. With one or two moves you can become a playoff team, now get at it!

    15) Vancouver: Westbrook Afflalo M.Willaims Landry McGee
    Key Bench Pieces: Barea & Novak

    If your team was a woman, she would be. Rhea Perlman
    Well it is always going to challenge building with Westbrook as he is stuck in Durants shadow. I wish that more people could see that you can build a successful team around Westbrook if given the right pieces to work with. You have done a nice job surrounding Westbrook with talent, the issue is that it is underwhelming. Nobody really jump off the screen at you. I would look to try and find a number 2 option to play along Westbrook that can make your team stronger overall.

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    Jamal’s West Playoff teams

    All of these teams are very close in talent and fit, especially the top 5. Please do not be offended by your ranking or if you did not make my playoff team spreads. If you don't see your team, keep working!

    1. Valencia (division winner)
    I shouldn’t be surprised to see CF and PK flexing their collective muscles and showing us why they were regarded as the top GM duo in the redraft. The latest CP3 trade was a major win for them and pushed them a few spots up in my rankings. If we are to assume this team is 100% healthy, then we are looking at a very strong offensive squad. Cp3-Gallo-Brook is certainly a top trio in the game and Gibson is a very strong defensive role player to that trio. The rest of this team has quite a few question marks attached to it however. Roy being a huge question mark is an understatement to say the least. The bench is very weak outside of Stiem and Martin. Nevertheless, it’s another strong team and another deep run waiting to happen for these 2 GM’s. Nice work you devil dogs you

    2. Hartford Whalers (division winner)
    Absolutely love what these guys have done with this team. The Lowry-Gallo trade was excellent to provide balance to your starting 5. Danny Green was an excellent pick, but you might run in to the problem of him being underrated by the NBA forum. Battier, while he still seems to have excellent name value, is also another player who can be exposed. However, I don’t anticipate too much of a problem as they have an incredibly strong trio, a great bench, and role players who fill key roles. Great work ye old chaps

    3. Flagstaff
    This team is my favorite GM job of the redraft and the shining moment for KJ and Lucky in their redraft careers. They did an absolute stunning job building around Parker with role players who suit his talents well. Gortat is a fine #2 to Parker and a good defensive anchor. Brand was a top post defender last season and would be fun to see with Gortat in the post. Dunleavy and Mayo spread the floor brilliantly for Parker and offer explosive scoring capabilities at times. I don’t know if they can be a sleeper as my #3 team, but I could see this squad making a conference finals appearance. Well done gents, well done

    4. Bondi (division winner)

    Again, not surprised to see this trio of GM’s putting forth a brilliant effort with pick 30. Irving-BG is a hellacious offensive duo that would eerily resemble the IRL CP3-BG duo. What makes this team tick however lies with the defensive role players they surrounded their duo with. Thabo has been a top 5 perimeter defender the past few years. Prince offers great veteran experience and knows how to defend at an above average level. Asik is still a question in my mind until we see him start, but him getting a 3yr/25 mil IRL contract leads me to believe more in him. Morey is no idiot and I don’t see him handing out that kind of money to someone he believed couldn’t play 25-30 minutes a game. I see this team as a 2nd round contender with slight potential to go further. That’s no easy task to do with pick 30. Excellent work gentleman!

    5. Westwood
    Aha the LeBron team. I spent the most time deliberating where to put you as you in no shape or form took a misstep in building a squad around him. You have 3 excellent shooters and floor spacers, a couple of guys who can create for themselves, and a defensive anchor. In theory, those are the qualities you want exactly to pair with LeBron. My problem is that the team around him is just a bit underwhelming for my taste which knocked u down a few rankings for me. There’s no one on the team who can take the load of LeBron’s shoulders and take pressure off him to have to do it all. If I’m an opposing coach, I focus all my energy into slowing LeBron and making Hill, Matthews, and Ryan Anderson beat me. All 3 are certainly capable of doing so, but I’ll gladly take my chances with those 3 over LeBron having a monster series. Still, LeBron is LeBron and anything goes with him in the playoffs.

    6. Springfield
    Another one of my dilemmas I had to face was whether to have Bondi or Springfield be my division winner. What won out in the end was simply the fact that I don’t trust the tremendous load you put on Nash and KG’s shoulders to make this team tick. Both guys have to be 18+ PPG scorers and maintaining a high level of play for 35+ minutes a game. That’s a tough task to place on 2 guys with so much mileage on their legs. Another issue I see is the lack of size. Faried, while a beast certainly, is undersized and Rush can very well be exposed as a starting SF. There’s also the fact that Faried, Rush, and Nash all struggle defensively. Faried is a monster rebounder and effort player, but he was exposed against bigger and stronger offensive PF’s. KG will have his hands full covering for them.

    Overall, a solid roster and nicely built around KG and Nash. Im just not a fan of putting so much responsibility in 2 guys who should start to see their roles decreasing in these next few seasons. I might look to shop one of them to see what sort of upgrades in their starting 5 they can find.

    7. Austin
    If you didn’t catch that, this team is all about the Al’s. It’s one of my favorite bigs pairings in the redraft and would certainly work sexy together. My issue is with everything else. Metta has no business starting anymore. He’s just not a good player to have. Jet needs to stay in his 6th man role. The reason he’s been so successful is that he hasn’t been exposed defensively against subs as he would as a starter. Andre Miller is a fine PG, but with Terry starting, there’s not a whole lot of defense in the back-court. I’d hate to break up the Al’s, but you might have to in order to be a more serious contender in the West. Still,a fine GM’ing job by these guys considering where they picked.

    8. Las Vegas
    I’m glad to see the Maynes put together a strong team. It may not be the sexiest, but it certainly would operate quite well. Curry as a deep shooter. Stuckey penetration. Iggy as a playmaker/perimeter defender. Nene and Hump forming a solid 2-way bigs duo. I see problems on the defensive end with Curry, Stuckey, Hump, and Nene being a bit underwhelming as a group on that end of the court. The offense would certainly be exciting though and put up some major points. Keep working on deals, you certainly have the assets and capability to up your ranking.

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    x_notorious division PRs

    This is just my opinion guys and I don't want anyone to get mad or angry over this.. just cause I feel a certain way about your team doesn't mean other people won't like you or dislike your team more than me. I did put a lot of thought into it though so I hope you enjoy and take whatever constructive criticism I put in there.

    1. Bondi Beach: I love the balance on this team 1-5. Kyrie and Zbo is a really strong duo that definitely will put points on the board. Thabo and George are really intense players that can be absolute pests on whoever they're guarding. Watching Thabo guard Kobe IRL is one of the funnest things in the NBA to watch IMO. Asik is also a strong defender at the center spot. Redick and Smith are quality players off the bench, too. This is the type of team that forces their opponents to play their style of game, and won't let the other team get anything easy. I think the main knock on this team would be they don't have quite enough offensive power to win this thing. Thabo and Asik don't really contribute offensively. It's not like that's their job, but I could see that being the reason they come up short. Who knows though, if you get a matchup where the other team's best player is say their 2 guard I could easily see you winning. I'd give Bondi Beach an outside shot at representing the West in the Finals. This is just an example of a ridiculously good GMing job though. This team was put together with pick #30, folks.

    2. Springfield - If this redraft was 5 years ago you guys would win! KG and Nash both are just 2 NBA legends that still get it done at an extremely high level. Faried brings a ton of energy and Courtney Lee is a really solid 2 way player. Brandon Rush was actually a decent player last year in Golden State and KG is the type of guy that makes guys around him bring max effort all the time, I could see KG scaring him into playing D haha. Nash was on a terrible Suns team last year, I think you did a good job of giving him good enough weapons though for one more playoff season. Nash+KG high screen/rolls would be absolute filthy . I think Rush, Lee, and Faried would excel in their roles on this squad as well, especially with Nash faciliating them the ball. Rush and Lee are both really good 3 pt shooters so you'll have very good spacing with KG also able to knock down those 18 footers. Luke Ridnour and Frye are nice pieces off the bench too. I'll be giving you a middle-seed most likely, and think you could get to the 2nd round of the playoffs.

    3. Austin - Obviously the big thing that jumps out at me is the dynamic Al-Al duo, that would be an absolute terror to defend. Miller and Terry are just savvy vets with tons and tons of experience in big games. I'm not a fan of Metta at this point though, he's still a good defender but offensively I feel he is just a major liability. I like Andre Miller, probably more than others, he gets the job done at PG for this team. I'd try to find a stronger offensive player at SF if I were you guys, maybe trade Terry for a SF upgrade and move Henderson to the 2 spot could be a possibility. I see this team sneaking into the playoffs though with an outside shot of getting to round 2.

    4. Arlington - This team is just so young, I could never see a team like this making a serious playoff run. I mean, it's a really really talented team, but you need a vet to show the kids the ropes. I feel like something bad would happen on this team, I mean they're all like 22 years old or younger. They'd definitely force their coach to allow them to play video games during halftime or something. If there was a Best Future award you would have it locked up. I know you said something about just building a team that you'd like but I think if you could bring in a few savvy veterans it would help your team a lot. I just don't see this team having the maturity or leadership to stay focused and be a contending team.

    5. Blackfoot - I'm really sorry guys, but someone had to be last. My main concern with you guys is I don't think you guys have enough offensive firepower. Monta is an adequate #1 option but after that there really isn't anything. If Ellis has an off night then where do you guys get your scoring? Jordan just gets layups and dunks, most of Favors shots come around the rim as well. Conley can knock down open shots but he's not a shoot-first type of PG. Marion isn't a guy you can dump the ball to and let go to work either. I think this team would struggle to score 80 points on a consistent basis. I would try trading for a legitimate post scorer somehow. I think you could get some pretty good value for Conley so I'd try to deal him. He's a good PG but he doesn't serve you guys much good if he has no one to pass the ball to, and Monta likes to dominate the ball anyway. So try to get a more offensive minded PF or C and I think it will make your team much stronger.
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    Eastern Conference Power Rankings:

    All my opinion. Means nothing. Hate it. Talk about it. Yes.

    These teams were not easy to rank. None of them are bad and every single team (in my opinion) is playoff caliber. The postseason voting should be hectic.

    1. Santa Montica (jeff86 Champions): This may be the cream of the crop in the Eastern Conference IMO. This team has a legitimate first and second option offensively, a center more than capable of protecting the paint and hitting the glass effectively, a seasoned wing who can still D up at a high level, and a fearless, efficient point guard who can drain it from outside or blaze his way to the rim. In match-ups against the premier point guards, this team will struggle. There will be doubters for Eric Gordon and his injuries and some are not nearly as high on Dirk as others anymore. But this is one of, if not the best, offensive team in the ReDraft and defensively they're above average. That's good enough for best in the East.

    2. Coronado Crusaders (The Melky Way Champions): They have perhaps the best high-low post tandem of any team in the ReDraft. Chalmers is a strong backcourt mate for Johnson, who initiates most of the offense as the two guard anyway. Dudley has made himself known for his efficiency over the last couple of seasons and is a very snug fit in the starting lineup. They have a balanced offense, a strong interior defense, and at least an average perimeter defense. I worry about their postseason performance as their go-to scorer is known for sloppy, inefficient performances when his team needs the opposite in the worst way. Starpower is also something of a weakness. Overall though, this team is clearly among the ReDraft elite.

    3. Paradise Pandas (second in The Melky Way): Defensively, this frontcourt is unreal. Brandon Bass and Nic Batum are great blocks around the Dwight Howard base and the backcourt isn't bad either. If Dragic and Bass get the respect they've earned, this team should go far in the playoffs. But that's an important "if" as the former didn't come close to receiving those props in the last ReDraft. Offensively I think they need another outside shooter or as long as they have Dwight, as many as they can get their hands on. The bench is pretty strong but outside of Howard, it's worth mentioning this team doesn't have much of anyone PSD likes to drop their pants for and even Dwight's phallus has been neglected a bit since he played the brat card in Orlando.

    4. Saint Joseph Saints (Musashi Champions): They have one of the sexier tandems in the game and a rock solid defense. That alone should take them far. Shumpert can defend both guard positions at high level and that should come in handy since Ramon Sessions is likely unable to spell the word. Perkins would be an ideal frontcourt mate for Aldridge if he could score at all, but at least Chuck Hayes isn't starting anymore. Offensively, I don't know if this team has enough balance to hang with the caliber teams it will meet should it advance as far as the second round or the conference finals. Shumpert offers little at the offensive end and Sessions is fairly inconsistent. If they had a Ben Gordon or a Jason Terry to spell Shump off the bench, I'd think about a truly elite team.

    5. Winterfell Starks (second in Musashi): They have one of the nicest cores in the ReDraft with Jrue, Harden, and Bosh. I have no doubt in my mind that Harden and Bosh could lead a functioning, successful offense and with a secondary shot creator in the perimeter in Holiday, a sharpshooter off the bench in Morrow, and a banger high-low post man in Hansbrough, this team is not lacking much for firepower. Defensively, their starters are all above average and their bench isn't shabby either. They do have two of the worst starters in this game and not enough sex appeal in the main cast to survie it IMO. They could survive one with that core, but two is begging Joffrey to just behead the entire lineup and be done with it.

    6. San Diego (second in jeff86): I really like their core. They have balance, shooters, penetrators, and definitely enough defense to make it an above average team. Postseason experience for the backcourt of Lin and Thornton is obviously a question mark but the front three have seen quite a bit of playoff hardship. Any team with Deng on its perimeter will be stingy on the lines, but an upside down coke can could score on Lin and Thornton. Like Columbia, this team doesn't have an ideal first option but between Thornton, Deng, and Gasol, they have three legitimate second/third options. So if the personnel is scrappy enough, this is a definite playoff team and then some.

    7. Baltimore (third in Musashi): I really like their frontcourt. Scola has obviously declined but defenses still have to respect his midrange game and that's huge for penetrators like Manu and Jack. Jeff Green is a tough sell as a starter at this point but Turner off the bench has at least proven something. Tyson alone makes this group above average defensively but they're not so stout beyond him. They have no second option (Manu barely works as a #1 in a ReDraft) and offensively I could see games in which Manu would have to carry this team. I'm not sure he's capable at this point in his career.

    8. Pittsburgh Brigade (third in jeff86): Again, Alonzo Gee really shouldn't be starting but I guess that's just another testament to how thin the position is. Okafor-Griffin is a really solid frontcourt. I think Griffin's rebouding prowess and his ability to move the ball inside the three point line would be complementary for Meka, who can take every bone thrown to him at the offensive end. Deron is coming off another inefficient, turnover-prone season but he has no weapon in Brooklyn like the weapon Griffin is so it's hard to imagine he would sustain such underwhelming play as the point guard for this team. Defensively, this roster does not have overwhelming personnel and their depth isn't the best either. But they have a clear cut first and second option at the offensive end and at least two perimeter players capable of scoring off the bounce. That's more than a lot of teams have.

    9. Manhattan Hawkeyes (third in The Melky Way): I like the idea of blending youth and experience, but this team may have too much of one and not enough of the other. Their starting frontcourt has never participated in a playoff game and neither has their point guard, who is about an awkward a fit next to Kobe Bryant as there exists in nature. With that in mind, this team is definitely not short on talent or defense. I think it will take a while for Anthony Davis to be a consistenly productive offensive force in the league, but he'll make an impact defensively from day one. All five of their starters are above average defensively and most of their bench is too. This just seems like one of those teams Kobe would have to really carry offensively, especially considering he's the only one on the team who can consistently create for himself. He's too old for that and the other teams in this ReDraft are too good for it to work.

    10. Salem Stingers (fourth in Musashi): Lacking playmakers and not as much balance inside-out as a contender needs, but this is still a solid team. The forward tandem has played integral roles for each of his respective teams in recent postseason runs. Granger has been the best player and the first option on his playoff team two years in a row. Sandwiched between the defensively underwhelming Granger and Mo Williams is one of the three or four best perimeter defenders in basketball. Their frontcourt defense is very solid and above average on the glass as well. I worry about the offensive flow of any team with Josh Smith on it because he still has a tendency to do some really unusual, stupid **** when he has the ball. Unfortunately for Salem, he's the best playmaker on the team. That likely won't end well. They do have one of the nicest benches in the game though.

    11. Horneytown Lenkeys (fourth in jeff86): This is one of the few unusual situations where I could possibly see Rodney Stuckey working at point guard. Avery can defend both guard positions and the backcourt isn't even that small since Stuckey is 6'5. I could genuinely see Stuckey running a functional offense with an off guard who doesn't need the ball to make an impact offensively and a big man (Pau) who makes offenses flow better just by standing around. With that in mind, good luck selling it to everyone else. In the eyes of most, you might as well be rolling out with Monta at point guard. Defensively, their frontcourt is sound and Rudy Gay actually hasn't been incompetent as a defender in Memphis since Lionel Hollins came along. This is a fairly balanced team not so different from the real life Grizzlies. I could picture them being one of those crappy squads that claws its way into the playoffs but falls short for a lack of talent.

    12. Columbia Co Conspirators (fourth in The Melky Way): Offensively this is a really sharp, athletic unit. We've seen the Lawson-Afflalo backcourt enjoy success in real life and the chemistry is there. Bargnani gives both Lawson and Evans off the bench a strong pick and pop partner and Marvin fits the system like a glove. They have shooters, penetrators, creativity and solid depth. Defensively, their frontcourt is a catastrophe. They are an average to below average rebounding team and their perimeter defense isn't special either. This may also be the worst team in the ReDraft as far as name value and sex appeal is concerned. A team with Ty Lawson as its clear cut best player does not have a lot of hope in a ReDraft despite the roster's similarity to the real life Denver Nuggets.

    13. Brampton Bolts (fifth in Musashi): The success of this team (no secret) is dependent almost entirely on the perception of Stoudemire. It's also difficult to really dig a team built around Rajon Rondo. He can penetrate, he can score, he's all over the floor (rhyme), but he's not close a reliable first or second option and after last season, Amar'e is a tough sell as either himself. Bledsoe and Beasley off the bench give them a change-of-pace offensive boost, but I don't know that they have enough firepower overall and only maybe enough at the defensive end to compensate (Stoudemire is surrounded by four above average defenders in that starting lineup). With Rondo and Kawhi flying in to crash the board from the perimeter, this team could well survive an Amar'e/Zaza frontcourt on the glass.

    14. Flint Tropics (fifth in jeff86): Well they have something Derrick Rose doesn't have in real life: multiple perimeter scorers to relieve some of the pressure the defense brings him. Offensively, I think you can convince Rose and Lee as a legitimate #1 and #2. Maybe. Richard Jefferson has no business starting in this game but it's a thin position, there are thirty teams, someone has to have a scrub. They could probably use another shooter and Splitter-Lee is one of the worst defensive ReDraft frontcourts I've ever seen. In fact, this is one of the worst defensive teams in the game but their offense is good enough on paper to keep them in a lot of games.

    15. Vancouver (fifth in The Melky Way): Assuming Kaman is healthy and goes back in time a couple of years, this is a pretty solid team. He and Landry can mix it up quite a bit in the post, though they have virtually no chance of protecting it. Between Ray, Barea, and Novak, they have plenty of shooters to space the floor for perhaps the most dangerous dribble penetrator in basketball in Russell Westbrook. The ball dominant/off ball dynamic of Russell and Allen is a snug fit and if any backcourt could function well offensively, it's this one. Defensively, their perimeter is sound but not outstanding and Kirilenko is something of a question mark to voters given his recent hiatus from the NBA.

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    *Note that unlike previous years, the teams at the top are not nearly as strong as typical contenders and teams at the bottom are nowhere near as bad as typical cellar dwellers. Any team at the bottom could potentially win a big trade and jump into the playoffs and teams at the top could easily make one awful trade and fall out of the playoffs entirely. Also, remember that this is personal preference. Some guys I just like more than others and some guys I just don’t like at all. Feel free to ***** and moan, because that’s exactly what I would do.

    (Also, I did not rank them based on their division.)

    1. Santa Monica
    This team has literally everything you look for in a contender: legit No. 1 and No. 2 options, floor spacing, veterans, a defensive anchor in the post and clutch players. But there is one giant hole on this roster: depth. This is a really weak bench. And as crazy as it sounds, I might actually considering downgrading slightly at SF to upgrade your bench a little bit. Also, I think the defense will be well received in the voting thread, but Prince and Noah are your strongest defenders and they’re both a tad on the overrated side. Thomas and Gordon are also really undersized, so you’ll struggle against teams with longer guards. But I still think this is the best team in the East.

    2. Coronado
    This team really has no holes, but it’s not really phenomenal at anything. It’s the perfect balance of a lot of really good players, similar to teams like Indiana and Denver in the NBA. There’s a lot of solid shooters from PG-SF and scoring from pretty much every position. Defensively, nothing jumps out, although the front court defense isn’t great and this team will struggle a bit on the glass. But I love the dynamic between Chalmers and JJ, with Johnson likely running the offense, and the offensive versatility of Millsap and Hibbert, who can shoot out to 18 feet or get dirty in the paint. The bench isn’t great, and perhaps you could consider dealing Harris or Delfino to get a better bench big. I do think this team is clearly one of the two best, but I also think it has no chance to win it all, because nobody will buy a team led by JJ.

    3. St. Joseph
    This team has issues, but the strength of its No. 1 and No. 2 options ultimately overcome those issues. Defensively, it’s one of the better, more balanced teams in the conference as Perkins and Shumpert can handle opposing bigs and wings and Sessions is the only glaring weakness. Pierce and Aldridge’s offensive games should compliment each other well, and there’s no reason you can’t get 40-45 points a night from them. The problem comes where I ask about the other 40-60 points every night. Shumpert could handle some of the offensive load and both he and Sessions have a knack for getting to the rim. The Sessions/Aldridge pick and roll is also a useful offensive tool. But to become a legit contender, I think you have to acquire a legit No. 3 weapon. Your bench is also weak, but I’m not sure there’s a lot you can do about that. It’s frustrating, because you had the perfect No. 3 in Klay Thompson, and had you kept him, this team would have been at least one spot higher.

    4. Paradise
    This team is better than Orlando last season. They don’t have a solid floor-spacing big or legit No. 2 like Ryan Anderson, but Dragic is an excellent distributor and an exciting player to watch who constantly draws attention from defenses and would find ways to get Dwight the ball in unique ways. Batum and Hamilton are solid shooters, which is necessary to get Dwight the space he needs underneath. I’m not crazy about Bass next to Dwight, because Orlando dealt him for a reason, but I also don’t think it’s that bad either. His midrange game should open up more space for Dwight underneath. The bench is solid too, although there are few good perimeter defenders on this roster. The only reason I don’t rank this team higher is that I’d like to see a more legit No. 2 next to Dwight and the Atlanta Hawks proved that if you allow Dwight to get his, a Dwight-led team can be stopped. I would try to combine some combination of Hamilton, Batum, Bass and Wright to get a more talented player at SG, SF or PF.

    5. Baltimore
    This might be a little high, but I just really like this team. It doesn’t have a particularly strong No. 1 in Manu, but when he’s healthy, he’s among the best, most efficient scorers in the NBA and he’s as clutch as it gets. I admittedly have a soft spot for Luis Scola, but I love his crafty offensive post game next to Chandler, who will make up for his flaws defensively and on the glass. Scola is a great No. 2 on the right team, and this is that team. I would take serious consideration to moving Jack to the bench and starting Augustin, as Augustin is the better distributor and Jack can come in for defensive purposes. You could also use an Augustin/Jack/Ginobili small-ball lineup at times to generate more offense and get more shooters on the floor. I do think this team is a little thin in the front court, and I would try to find a better bench big to backup Chandler. The only thing that prevents this team from being higher is overall talent. But it’s extremely well constructed and I’m a huge fan.

    6. Winterfell
    This team has a lot of talent, but it’s not particularly well constructed right now and it really lacks that No. 1 guy. In the real NBA, I think Bosh and Harden would be a weak No. 1 and 2, but in this game, they’re a solid, efficient duo that could provide you 40+ a night if given the minutes. Around them is a random combination of players that I’m not sure really works and no guy that resembles a legit No. 3. Humphries provides nice rebounding, but his defense is mediocre and he’s sort of a black hole on offense at times. Nelson is just solid, but he and Harden should work nicely next to each other and it’s a solid, if albeit undersized, defensive back court. Then there are three extremely similar players in Jackson, Brewer and Bell and three bigs in Haywood, Brown and Hansbrough who I’m not quite sure how you’ll configure. Right now, I just think it’s messy. I would try to deal some of that depth in the front court to get a better scoring bench wing and possibly improve at SF. And you really need to narrow down what you’re doing at PF/C. But I think this team is only one or two moves away from being set, which is why this is a solid spot for them.

    7. Salem
    This is easily one of the best defensive teams in the game, but it will struggle to put points on the board. Granger, Smith and Mo are an okay trio offensively, but I’d like to see more offense in the starting five and not one of them is particularly efficient. In fact, Smith hampers an offense at times with his atrocious shot selection, and considering there aren’t a ton of options around him, he’ll take way too many shots for his own good. They also have ball handling issues as Mo isn’t an ideal point guard to run this offense. I’d like to see someone who can take more advantage of Granger and Smith’s athleticism in transition. However, I think this team would be a terror on the other end of the floor if you can get 30+ minutes of healthy Anderson Varejao. And Gordon is the perfect 6th man to come in behind Allen. To be higher than this, though, you’re going to have to sacrifice defense for offense, and I’d also like to see some depth behind Varejao because Wilcox should not be getting 20 minutes in any rotation.

    8. Horneytown
    This team barely got the edge over Manhattan. I know you already know this is an issue, but the lack of 3-point shooting completely kills you from having a chance of winning a first round playoff game. What you do have in place, though, is guys who can just score and do it well from 18 feet inward. Teague isn’t an ideal point guard, but you could do worse, and he’s a great penetrator who should create a lot of open mid-range jump shots for Gay, Gasol and Stuckey. However, Stuckey is a really similar player, which is why you need to deal one of them for a defensive guard who can spread the floor with outside shooting. I’d deal Stuckey if you can, but dealing Teague for a Jason Kidd type might work. My biggest concern for this team, though, is the lack of a true No. 1. Gasol and Gay are both much more suited to play the sidekick than the superhero, and I wouldn’t want to rely on either of them to get me 30 points if I absolutely had to have it. The defense is also pretty subpar. Dalembert is actually a really solid player on both ends when he wants to give a crap, but he’s wildly inconsistent at times and you can’t depend on him for more than 25 minutes a game. The depth on this team also sucks. Your bench is way too young and you need to add a legit bench big somehow. Otherwise you could very well have Andrew Nicholson playing 20-25 minutes a game at center against Dwight or Hibbert in the first round.

    9. Manhattan
    Similar to Winterfell, I think this is a team with a lot of talent that just isn’t constructed very well and needs a couple of trades to be taken seriously. This has already been said, but having Bryant and Rubio on the same team is almost a waste of those players’ talents. And you completely lack 3-point shooting, which you have to address. I would really consider dealing Rubio for a Mario Chalmers or Mo Williams type PG who can shoot and be effective without the ball in his hands. That deal might allow you to upgrade at SF, PF or C, which is the real weakness of this team. Pekovic can be effective around the basket, but taking Davis when you did was a mistake. There’s no doubt he’ll shine defensively as a rookie, but there’s no telling how much value he’ll have on the offensive floor, and if his jump shot is ineffective early on, your floor spacing will be awfully crowded with Pekovic and no 3-point shooters whatsoever. I do think this team will be able to play great defense. And Kobe can certainly still score with the best of them. But the pieces you have in place just don’t fit very well. Also, your bench bigs will get picked apart in a hurry, and you need to get much deeper there.

    10. Brampton
    This team actually makes sense at first glance. Rondo could elevate Stoudemire’s game to similar productivity levels to Nash, Billups is a nice fit next to Rondo and Leonard is a sexy defensive wing to shoot 3’s. But then you remember that this team’s No. 1 is Amare Stoudemire, the No. 2 is a 95-year-old Chauncey Billups and they’re starting Zaza Pachulia at center. Step 1: Get better at center. I would consider dealing Beasley’s offense to get a better starting defensive center, or maybe even deal Leonard if the price is right. Another route to get better would be do combine Rondo or Amare with Billups or Leonard to get a legit No. 1. Also, to say your frontcourt depth is paper thin is an insult to the thickness of paper.

    11. Pittsburgh
    Pittsburgh is really frustrating because they have two amazing, top 20 players and then two guys who shouldn’t be starting and no one close to being a No. 3 scorer. It also lacks perimeter shooting and the frontcourt defense is not good, as Okafor was a shell of himself last season. This might sound crazy, but I would take serious consideration to trading Griffin to get better at two positions. Also, there’s no excuse to not have better defenders and 3-point shooters in this lineup. And your bench just sucks. Maggette would have been more respected 2-3 years ago, but he’s just universally hated at this point and the fact that he’s your bench player and there isn’t a close second should really bother you.

    12. Flint
    Derrick Rose and David Lee are a Nice 1-2 punch offensively, but there’s little to like after that. Jefferson is just awful. Splitter is a very efficient offensive player, but has no business starting and certainly not at center. And Lou Williams is not a starting 2-guard in the NBA, unless you construct your team a certain way, which you didn’t do. Start by moving Smith to the starting role and Lou to his traditional 6th man role, but you might want to just deal Smith for a defensive SG instead. And Splitter would be a great first big off the bench, but you need a defensive 5 next to Lee or you’ll get killed by the really good offensive front courts. You actually have some nice pieces on the bench with Udo, Smith, Green and Lewis. Maybe deal some of that depth to get better at SG, SF or C.

    13. San Diego
    This is another team that I wish was better, because I like individual pieces on it a lot more than the overall product. Bottom line, there isn’t anything remotely resembling a No. 1 offensive option on this depth chart. Gasol and Deng are No. 2s at best, and while they provide a very solid defensive core, they cannot carry a roster offensively for more than short stretches at a time. Thornton is underrated and Lin is that rare player that’s so overrated that he’s underrated. But Lin’s small sample size should be a concern and I don’t think we can bank on him to be anything more than a slightly above average starting point guard. Thornton would probably be more suited as a 6th man on a contender. Jamison also isn’t an ideal starter. You actually have a lot of decent No. 3 guys on this roster, but you need to deal some of them to get a legit No. 1.

    14. Vancouver
    I love Westy, so I want this team to be better, but it’s just way too imbalanced as currently constructed. Allen is a solid complement to Westbrook, but you’re in a position where you almost half to deal him to get better in the front court. Your bigs lack rebounding, defense and just overall talent, and Kirilenko is kind of a huge question mark right now. Also, there’s no real No. 2 on this team and that might be an even bigger obstacle, as it could be a struggle to improve your overall talent. Start by dealing Allen or Kirilenko to improve at PF or C and then go from there.

    15. Columbia
    This team is last because it not only doesn’t have a No. 1, but isn’t very good defensively. It’s like an extremely poor man’s version of Denver, lacking arguably its best player (Gallo) and most active player in the paint (Faried). This team could put points on the board, but they couldn’t stop anybody, and they’re just nowhere near as talented as a team in this game should be. McGee is inconsistent at best, and while he showed some flashes with Denver last season, I’m not ready to consider him a great defensive big. He certainly wouldn’t get much help from Bargs. And Marvin Williams has no business starting. Your biggest asset is Evans off the bench, but he’s going to be hard to deal, because he can’t shoot 3s (which makes him useless as a 2-guard) and he can’t lead an offense (which makes him useless as a point guard). Try to combine Evans and Marvin, Bargs or McGee to improve at those positions. And if that doesn’t work, try and trade some of these No. 3 scorers for some defense.
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