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    Quote Originally Posted by valade16 View Post
    For not joining the RNC you sure have adopted their "'Merica is always right" philosophy as evidenced by the bolded.

    That analogy is pretty much saying EVERYONE but the US is crazy considering pretty much EVERYONE watches soccer.

    I can see your confusion, considering what we've seen from every other politician not being a corporate shill and not meddling in other countries affairs must seem bat**** crazy.
    Adopted what now? Wow, your penchant for redefining my words in a way that is more paletable for a convenient argument is quite telling. I don't think the bolded says that, at all. really. not even a little. Its not even a stretch really, but more of a complete redefinition.

    I have no issue with a politiican shaking things up, but Ron Paul? C'mon. Really? And yes, some of his his policies are batshit crazy, and yes, soccer is bull **** sad excuse for entertainment. 90 minutes to maybe see someone score maybe once? twice? And a bunch of guys flopping around pretending to be hurt so someone can angrily show their opponant a brightly colored card? Gee, I'm holding onto my seat in sheer energetic anticipation...

    And "Merica is always right? That's what you take from my posts? I ahve no idea how you can arrive at that conclusion from criticising that crazy old coot.

    EDIT: Let me express my frustration a little more clearly. This infatuation with Ron Paul IMO is a non starter. We need a third party candidate who sounds reasonable and that can garner support. Ron Paul is an obstacle to this end. He will nto get us there. And the longer this ridiculous love affair with him goes on, the longre it will be untl a viable third party candidate can actually stand a chance to get the attention this needs.
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