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    2013 PSD Connected Career Sign Up (X-Box 360)

    Hey guys, I will be starting a PSD connected career league. Please sign up soon if you are interested so we can get the league started. I have run madden leagues on this site in the past but often they fail due to inactivity so I am looking for people who can be active going forward.

    Information I will need from you is what team you want and your gamer tag.


    PSD Madden Fantasy League Rules

    Game Play

    4th DOWN: I have put together some rules about going for it on 4th down.
    1) You may go for it if it is 4 and 1 or Less after passing the 50 Yard Line.
    2) You may go for it anytime in the 4th Quarter
    3) You can go for it on 4th Down anytime in the game if down by 17 or more.
    4) Anytime you are in the red zone of your opponent, you may go for it.

    2 Point Conversion:
    1) You can only go for it when it make sense. if you are down by 2 after a TD score, this is a time where it is fitting to go for it. If you are up by 10 or the game is tied, please do not go for 2 points.

    End of Game Policy: IF you have the game won in the 4th Quarter with less than 2 minutes to play, run out the clock and the game. Don't start spreading 4 WR's out when you are up by 14 with less than 2 minutes on the clock.

    On-Side Kick
    Can only be done if you are down by 14 or more points or are permitted in the final quarter of the game any time.

    Nano Blitz
    No Nano Blitzing! Don't abuse plays where there is flaws in the AI over and over again.

    General Rules of the League.

    1) Games will be advanced every 3 days. This will be done sooner if everyone plays their game.
    2) No Quitting a game during game play for any reason.
    3) Lost Connections: I realize that this happens from time to time due to the EA servers going down or weather but if it happens more than 3 times during the season, it is likely you will be kicked from the league.
    4) Trading with CPU is allowed. Unlike previous years in online franchise, you could force trades with CPU's but that is no longer the case. They negotiate with you now and force you to trade talent for talent.
    BUT no trading 1st Round Pick this early in the season. I want to avoid people trading all their picks and simply giving up on a 2nd season. This is a multi year franchise and I want to keep it as realistic as possible.

    5) Trash Talking is OK but no racist/prejudice comments will not be tolerated.
    6) Please contact your opponent (if human player) when the week is advanced. Set up a time when you both can play and get the game completed. If you fail to find time to play your opponent, you maybe kicked.
    7) This will be a multi season league so please be ACTIVE. We want to get as much out of this league as possible.
    8) Have FUN and ENJOY!

    User Team LIST
    Mile High Champ - Broncos Tag: Mile HIGH Champ
    Saddler the GR8 - Colts Tag: The Champ est91
    AZ VIKINGS - Vikings Tag: M0NKwithFUNK
    NJrockPD - Redskins Tag: Harrybodyshots
    Rasser - Bucs Tag: X Rated Fusion
    Joshtd1 - Bengals Tag: Joshtd1
    Jdawg - Cowboys Tag: JKiLLa210
    JETS TURN! - Texans Tag: Toothlesshail93
    Laker4life2410 - Steelers Tag: Strange2410
    D-Mack12 - Eagles Tag: Hemingway12

    Game Sliders
    The first number (found below) represents the human rating , the second is the CPU. The higher the number for the CPU, the more challenging the game gets. The lower the number for the USER, makes the game more challenging. 25 was the base setting for ALL Madden for the user while 50 was the base setting for the CPU.

    QB Accuracy - (25 & 60) Remains default for All-Madden setting for human. CPU accuracy was actually increased by 10 as the computer needs to be more challenging against the pass.
    Pass Blocking - (15-40) Human pass blocking was lowered from 25 to 15 while CPU pass blocking was dropped from 50 to 40. This means that it will now be easier for both the CPU and user to get to the QB than before.
    WR Catching - Basically the same as before on both ends.
    Broken Tackles (30 & 40 Broken tackles were increased by 5 points from original setting for user while CPU dropped 10 points. It was far too easy to break tackles for the CPU on ALL-Madden default setting.
    Run Blocking - Basically the same as before on both ends.
    Pass Rushing - (35 & 60) - Pass rushing for the user got a boost by 10 points while the CPU also got a boost by 10 points. Helps get pressure on the QB on both ends now.
    Block Shedding - (40 & 60) - User got a 15 point in boost in terms of block shedding while the CPU got a 10 point boost.
    Tackling - (40 & 45) - User got a 15 point boost here to help with defensive tackling which can be a big challenge especially against the running backs with default setting. Also a 5 point decrease for the CPU also was made.

    Penalties for offensive/defensive pass interference as well as off sides have been turned right up fully. Every Slider package I found online for Madden 13 when playing on ALL-Madden had these 3 penalties on 100 instead of 50. Also face mask and clipping was also increased slightly as well.

    Last edited by Mile High Champ; 12-31-2012 at 02:49 PM.

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