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    Sep 2012

    I need two new active Fantasy Football Owners "ASAP!"

    I own a 20 team, giant, DEF players an OFF players, that starts 11 DEF players an 11 OFF players, very active Keeper Dynasty League... Roster Positions: QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, TE, W/R, W/R/T, Q/W/R/T, K, DEF, D, D, DB, DL, LB, LB, DT, DE, CB, S, S, IR, IR, IR, IR, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN I got 2 in-actives since the Draft and now I need to replace them, so if you are active and would like to join a very fun, active, fair, Dynasty League then please leave your email down below! Here is the link... http://

    WARNING: These teams are not that good an need some work, they still might get lucky tho an make the Playoffs... The Owners of these teams in my League that is in it's 2ND year, "did not show up at the draft and have not been taking care of their teams, they have abandon them an won't try to fix these teams!
    or email me your email at

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    Feb 2009
    There was a problem

    You are not allowed to view this page because you are not in this league. (Error #152)

    and also the link was not correct.

    Is this paid or free?

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    Jun 2010

    I'm down, if you email me and I don't respond reply or message me on here.

    Dodgers, Lakers, Raiders.
    Fok Jelle Naiers

    They`re = contraction of they are
    There = used to describe location
    Their = pronoun used to describe belonging
    Should've = contraction of should have
    Should of = makes no sense at all

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    Feb 2009
    lol its his first post here....who knows if he even comes back and checks this...

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