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    Quote Originally Posted by leafswin2011 View Post
    dont be avoiding teams mac
    What the ****? Washington refused to play me. I was shooting a film Saturday and Sunday, and Friday I spent all day flying home from Washington DC where I had been summoned for a Newsweek event. I had one day to play games, and only DET had been on to contact me about going. Who did I avoid? Washington? The team that TOLD ME 'no'? Or the other teams who never logged on?

    Gee, you sped up the rate by which we sim games, and now suddenly we're simming more games. WHAT A COINCIDENCE!

    You're pissing me off now - and now that I found out that you BOOTED Westkins instead of him leaving? You're ruining this league. We've got two games this week, kid. Hope you're ready to get run on.
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