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    NHL13 "GM Connected" Dynasty Signups (X360)

    Important Notice: Read whole thread, then sign up, please.

    As some/most of you are aware, NHL13 for the PS3, and Xbox360 is set to hit shelves on September 11, 2012. Shipping with this iteration of the game is the "GM Connected" mode which allows you to play the "Be a GM" mode of past games online, with 30 user controlled teams. If you are unfamiliar with the mode, here is a youtube video posted by the EA Sports guys that explains the mode a little more.

    Needless to say, I'd like to start up a league with as many active (key word) GM's as possible. To do this, I've asked McJoe and Ink to stick this thread (eventually) and maybe even start up a subforum for the game. As I own an Xbox 360 console, only Xbox users are able to join. I'm more than happy to commissioner the league, though, considering it's the first issue of the game to come with this option, I don't know everything I'm able to control and I'm not going to run it perfectly. Below, are the signup requirements, filled teams, and some basic rule guidelines. Hope you guys sign up, I think this would be a ton of fun.


    Schedule length: 41 games, 3 game playoff series.
    I want to play as many seasons as possible. This ensures quick season turnarounds and wont let last place teams languish.

    Injuries: Off No complaining about Crosby getting hurt.

    Salary cap: On

    Trades: Human teams only No one will build a roster because they can manipulate the computer. Trade with a computer controlled team and get booted.

    Rosters: 2012-2013 opening night rosters as of Sept 11,2012. Any moves made before the league opens will be adjusted. Any moves after, will be ignored. No roster edits.

    No blatant tanking at seasons end (pulling goalie in first period, skating around like idiot, etc). No using glitch goals. You get the picture.

    Rules for activity/inactivity explored later

    To sign up, please, answer the following questions:

    1) List top 5 teams wanted in order of preference (make sure to check who's taken list. Answer "any" and I'll give you an unwanted team. Just give me a list)
    2) Played an online league before? What game?
    3) Date planned on purchasing the game - want to start ASAP. If you're buying it in October, maybe don't sign up right now
    For rosters, please refer these links:

    Western Conference Teams

    Eastern Conference Teams

    Remember: I want ACTIVE GM's. This is supposed to be fun. My goal is to get through a handful of seasons.


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    Sharks: KingsQueens
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    Canadians: Saints21
    Flyers: MacManus
    Penguins: Penskins87
    Islanders: Brianwestkins
    Leafs: HalladayMVP
    Rangers: Garden_Faitful
    Bruins: Shaiza
    Capitals: Freestyle
    Jets: GeneralTso
    Hurricanes: Delfinko

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