Wonderin' if anyone could help this dude out:

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I really apologize if this isnt the place to put this but i was hoping someone on these boards was good with photoshop? I go by Nygiants1411 on the Giants boards and am looking for a desktop background.

Just got a new laptop for college and im looking for a background that represents me. Im not sure if anyone would be willing to work on such a project but it would mean everything to me. I would love something to combine an Egyptian theme with the New York Football Giants. Maybe smoothly put my name (Haitham)in there fading in the background or in a corner. Maybe even the word Brooklyn, or a famous place (empire state, times square). Anything really. I would love for anyone to take this request, and im willing to give something back in return (not sure what though). I do make highlight mixes in my free time so i would love to make one in return for a sig.

Thanks a lot ahead of time to whoever does me this great favor!