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  • Adrian Gonzalez

    30 69.77%
  • Allen Craig

    13 30.23%
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    Quote Originally Posted by VRP723 View Post

    Allen Craig 2011-2012 - .318/.373/.574, 156 OPS+, 5.9 WAR

    Adrian Gonzalez 2009 - .277/.407/.551, 162 OPS+, 6.2 WAR
    Adrian Gonzalez 2011 - .338/.410/.548, 153 OPS+, 6.6 WAR

    That's the whole ****ing point. We don't know. We do know that Gonzalez is most likely still an elite bat. The odds that a player of Gonzalez's stature just declined in one year is much lower than that a 28 year old who hasn't played a full season is actually a .400 wOBA hitter.
    Even though he has done this his entire professional career?

    And my whole issue with what you said is that you seem to think it's ridiculous to take Craig over A-Gone. I don't know who I would take. I'm well aware of the small sample size, it's not like this Trevor Plouffe who is just suddenly doing this and never even did it in the minors. Craig has done this at every level, he just wasn't promoted as quickly as he should have been.

    A-Gone is/was an elite superstar. Craig could be soon. Gun to my head, I would take A-Gone. But I don't see it as a ridiculous question or comparison at all. Craig is a much better hitter than people may realize. Part of this is that I do watch him every night. His plate approach is great, he is disciplined. So that is partially boosting my opinion of him. But he also has really strong numbers supporting him, and they don't seem to be getting worse the more he plays.

    wOBA by month
    May - .484
    June - .381
    July - .354
    Aug - .443

    I have always said Craig would be a .380 wOBA major league hitter. If A-Gone is a .372 moving forward (career average) it doesn't seem like a stretch to take the guy with the shorter sample size that is out performing that .380 currently.

    Quote Originally Posted by VRP723 View Post
    And why do you keep sourcing his MiLB numbers? He was 26 playing 22 year olds and he was kicking ***. No ****. So does Jerry Sands, Scott Van Slyke and countless prospects that are playing inferior, less developed competition.
    The difference is those guys didn't spank when they did get their chance like Craig has. 600 PA is a full seasons worth of PA.

    Van Slyke and Sands didn't get 588 big league PA and hit 31 home runs and carry a .404 wOBA, 160 wRC+
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