In the off-topic thread we had been discussing setting up a GM Connected league for NHL 13 using members of the Flyers forum. Essentially, for those unfamiliar with the mode, it allows for players to join a 'league' and take over NHL teams (essentially becoming that team's GM), then make trades and play games against other players or CPU teams. Further, each team can have 24 human players for lines (or all CPU players, making you a coach, or you can play as you normally would a Versus game, if that's more your thing), essentially combining the game's Be a GM and OTP online modes (also allowing for up to 750 players in a league).

I think it would be cool to start such a league and get some games going between us in the forum. If you're interested - and we've been discussing setting up a league for NHL 13 on the Xbox 360 so far - post here and when the game comes out we can create the league and select teams.

To whomever moderates this forum (I come here often but generally only post in the Eagles forum, so I'm unfamiliar with the jurisdiction), if this isn't thread worthy please feel free to merge it wherever. I just think it would be nice and easy to conglomerate all of the potential players in one thread so we don't highjack something like the Off-Topic thread or Flyers NHL 13 Ratings thread.