It seems this thread is necessary due to our fuzzy, lovable, obviously partisan moderator(s) refusal to change a thread title that was posted in error months ago. Instead of remedying the title and in spite of growing complaints, the demands were ignored and the misleading title remained. The people have spoken and have risen up against this so-called "democracy" found on PSD Politics. This lie cannot be tolerated any longer!

Lead me to taking to the streets to voice your displeasure and picket the non-action performed by the elected moderators. (Okay, they weren't voted), but maybe they should be!

The ugly truth (to our mods) is that Obama had at no time ever been "crushing" Romney since the polls were in effect showing Romney as the presumed candidate.

Continue discussing this topic knowing that the race indeed is razor thin in all the battleground states and can go either way based on numerous polling data. Thanks and have a great day, citizens of PSD.