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    Neuvirth: Holtby is 'weakest competion' yet

    Bit of confusing remarks here. Neuvy sounds confident and is comparing Holtby to guys like Vokoun and Varlamov, but the comments may not have been necessary or lost in translation a bit. I guess he's just saying that this is the easiest competition for the starting job since he's been in DC.

    On the starting job
    I’m starting the season sure that I want to play forty/fifty games and I am really sure that I have the weakest competition (Braden Holtby) I’ve ever had. I will try to be number one goalie this season. Finally!

    About Holtby vs. Vokoun/Varlamov
    In comparison to those two, he played nothing in the NHL and that’s why I take him as the weakest of them three. I’m definitely not saying that he is bad, not at all. I actually like the way he plays. But he is the worst of them three, that’s all.
    Via RMNB

    So what to make of this? Was there a better way of saying it or is being honest the best way to go about it?

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    I've been a fan of Holtby since I picked him up in a fantasy hockey pool two years ago. He's been great every time he's played with the Capitals and obviously this past playoffs. Neuvirth's comments were pretty stupid imo. He definitely shouldn't have worded it like that. Neuvirth really hasn't done much and really shouldn't be saying things like that imo. Holtby should have the starting job to start the season after what he did in the playoffs.
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    I definitely can't take serious responsibility.

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