Bit of confusing remarks here. Neuvy sounds confident and is comparing Holtby to guys like Vokoun and Varlamov, but the comments may not have been necessary or lost in translation a bit. I guess he's just saying that this is the easiest competition for the starting job since he's been in DC.

On the starting job
I’m starting the season sure that I want to play forty/fifty games and I am really sure that I have the weakest competition (Braden Holtby) I’ve ever had. I will try to be number one goalie this season. Finally!

About Holtby vs. Vokoun/Varlamov
In comparison to those two, he played nothing in the NHL and that’s why I take him as the weakest of them three. I’m definitely not saying that he is bad, not at all. I actually like the way he plays. But he is the worst of them three, that’s all.

So what to make of this? Was there a better way of saying it or is being honest the best way to go about it?