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Malcolm and Denise will vote together next round, but if Skup and Lisa are smart, now is when they jump on those two. You would have to imagine that Malcolm and Denise want to bring Abi to the final 3. If they can convince Abi to vote for Denise, they can then vote Malcolm out at the final 4 if he doesn't win immunity. I have a feeling Abi will be the swing vote at next tribal council and not the easy elimination.
Smart play but will never happen. Right now the final four have to stay true to each other because that is a jury vote if either go against each other they will lose. It's time to start worrying about jury votes and if they go back on their deal that WAS announced last night then they will look like a liar which a lot of jury members would probably hold against them. If Malcolm didn't announce the alliance last night then I could see a swindle working but not after that. And it also makes them all four look bad when they constantly have said they want the best people there at the end but then backstab who they have been with just for Abi. Not going to happen.