I think its going to be Skupin, Lisa and Denise in the final with one of the three winning the final immunity and voting out Malcolm because he is the biggest threat to win the game and each should know that.

Skupin wins IMO just because I think it will come down to those three and no one will vote for Lisa because she will have a tough time at the final tribal with all the questions coming her way and Denise will probably come off condescending just by the way she talks to people as a therapist all the while Skup will come off as the guy that everyone wanted to get out at the beginning because he was a returnee but somehow he made it to the final 3 by playing his strategy of laying low and letting everyone else shoot themselves in the foot. I think Denise and Skup are even right now but it will come down to Skup having more of his tribe on the jury and Denise besides Malcolm really never had any alliances coming into the main merge as she was just kind of there with Penner and Kents team as a vote.