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    Pirate Perspective

    Pirate Perspective
    2034 Season Preview
    By: Christian Yugsi
    August 19, 2012

    The winds of change have come to Pittsburgh with the annunciation of the new energetic General Manager. Change has not been easy in the major league level and it is not clear how soon the team will be competitive. But, in the mist of the constant losing streaks hope for the future lies in the minor leagues. In this 2034 season preview we will briefly look at the state of the major and minors.

    Major League Outlook
    There is no denying that this team is hard set on rebuild mode and will be for years to come. After a hectic offseason and a couple of missed free agent signings the pitching staff is in a state of shambles. When asked how he was going to fix the pitching staff the current G.M. responded, “I wish I knew were just hoping to find some diamonds in the rough… but we have been sending a clear message we are not going to overpay for free-agent… but its tough out there you need quality pitchers some opportunities come and go..” with those very bleak words the tone for the Pittsburgh pirates has been set develop the prospects so they can make an impact on the major league team as soon as possible.
    The offence will be more exciting to follow with the top prospects winning everyday jobs. Two exciting players are Chris Gates and Carlos Warren. Another intriguing player is Marvin Lawson who’s career is at a cross road. In 2032 he was named #12 prospect in the MLB. Since then he’s had a rough time establishing himself in the major league team.

    Top 5 Prospects
    1. Holland Wagenbach
    The 4th overall pick of the 2033 draft has not disappointed. He is on the fast track to the major leagues in 2032 he started in the single A but was promoted to double at the end of the season. He is set to start the season in AA and with hopes that he will end the season in AAA.
    ETA: 2034

    2. Usain Bolt
    The 6’2’’ Jamaican monster was drafted by the Pirates a couple days ago. While very raw big things are expected of the young man as he impressed scouts for his speed, contact potential and gold glove caliber defense. Bolt is expected to report to R league.

    3. Ronald Pryzbylewski
    The recently acquired slugging second baseman prospect flew up the organization. He played in every level of competition in the minors. This year the pirates have said he will stay in AAA to gain some experience. With a strong year in AAA look for Ronald to make his major league debut next year.

    4. Gaetano Cascio
    Cascio ended last year in AAA and is belived to be a couple moths from a callup. The pirates expect Cascio to dominate AAA and become the ace of the MLB team around mid season.

    5. Jon Kavanaugh
    The recently converted starter has impressed the Pittsburgh Pirates and is seen as there #3 of the future. Coming off a great year he is starting the year in A but is seen like a likely candidate for as an early promoting to AA and AAA if he dominates each respective level.
    ETA: 2024

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    The points go to the brewers gm

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    2016 PSD Cubs IGT record: 16-3 #AuthenticatesWithmyIGTs

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