Hey Guys- Please see below from Q-Train in regards to our keeper league.

With Steady no longer being able to run the league, Kelly (TBAYBUCSALLTHEWAY) and I will be running the show this season.

First off, I just want to congratulate T.O. Bominators on winning the premier league last year! He took home the championship, beating out I Love Me Some Me!!! in the final game. Nice job!

In the regular league, Steady won the championship against T.O Bombinators. With no fresh meat to join us from that league, the plan is to have everyone from last season return in this league. As of today, we only have half of the league signed up. The remaining managers needing to sign up are:

I'm a Kind God
Buc Nasty
T.O Bombinators
I Love Me Some Me!!!
Kilt Lifters

E-mails have been sent to those managers. The deadline to re-join the league is Friday, July 26th.

We will send out another email on that date to discuss keepers, the draft, and everything else.

-Mark, Q-TraiN