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Clippers dont scare me at all......

Defensive matchups are great for us, Blake has no other offense than post ups, he is one dimensional offensively, and that dimension happens to be where Faried and McGee are beasts defensively

Put Iggy on CP3 and their best options are handled as best as they can be
All depending on the perimeter defense with the Clippers that's why I'm a little hesitant. Their perimeter shooting is solid...Igua on Paul will help (until Paul gets him in foul trouble with his flopping) but how disciplined will we be in our rotations and perimeter D.

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Don't forget billups is a year older and is coming off of a major achilles injury. Crawford is very streaky and with no inside game he'll have to pretty much create for himself. Cp3 is the only real threat.
Crawford is not there for his inside game..he's there to shoot and he can do that very well. Clips are trying to build it like OKC...shoot lights out.