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    See this is what it would look like. We probably have to give 2 1st rounders. Just make our pick protected if we have a worst record than they do and theirs can be top 2 or top 3 protected. Overall this helps the cavs and us. Their highest paid player is Gortat at under 7.3 mill with 2 or 3 picks in this draft. We lose some of the offense Gortat brings but we get what we need for this team that we are "TRYING" to build(a C who doesnt complain and does his job of protecting the paint and eating glass). The cavs get the offensive help they need in the front court to take some pressure off Kyrie and Waiters. Kieff is an upgrade over any of their current PF's and Dudley makes their wing rotation a bit better. Wes is just an expiring just like Walton. Tristan can be kept for thos season and next then we can just let him be a free agent in 2014 when there is going to be some strong FA's. We're looking at cap space for 1 max deal this year and another the following year(assuming our FO makes the right moves). Ooooh by the way Varejao also has a team option for the 2014-15 season. That's 16 mill off the books just on those 2 if we go that route.
    I'm sorry but that is a flat out awful trade for Cleveland. I dont see any way it even remotely benefits them. They lose their 2nd best player who is on an absolute steal of a contract for guys who make them worse in the present AND they give up what will likely be a very high lotto pick. And you are really over-estimating the Gortat offensive upgrade over Verajao, that really is not an upgrade at all in the post. Anderson is a much stronger finisher around the hoop and his defense and rebounding absolutely crush Gortat's. That is a miserable trade. If you dont believe me post in on their board, they will be revolted at that proposition.
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