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    Quote Originally Posted by poodski View Post
    Im well aware its not what I should get but here is the problem. NO ONE WOULD GIVE ME ANYTHING. I've tried for two weeks to get anything and this is by far the best deal I have gotten. I am rebuilding, and he does me no good on my team, at least I get a draft pick now.

    It's not for lack of trying, but when I get offered garbage pitchers that are already 26 what am I to do?

    I am not going to call out GM's but I couldnt get a 90-90-50 pitcher out of a GM, young

    Not a 65-90-75 pitcher, young.

    Did get offered a 75-50-75 23yrd old OF'er with a 75-50-55 SP.

    Those were the three recent discussions. The top two werent accepted by the other party the bottom was probably my best offer.
    The fact that everybody is lowballing you and this is the best you could do isn't a good reason for a trade. That's really the worst possible logic or reason you could use dude. You know better than that.

    You're also making a deal at the worst possible time. Before FA when I can spend cash on a guy and give up no talent. Once the first FA sims passes you would have got a better deal. Injuries happen during the year, teams need pitchers at the deadline. So you didn't get a deal now, who is to say you won't get a better one if you wait a few more weeks? It's not like a 29th overall pick is something to write home about.

    And all things considered, he's not an old pitcher and he's signed long term. So you couldn't get a good deal today, then you wait even a year if you have to to get a return.

    JD's pick is what, 29th overall? That's probably going to be a fourth OF or a MR or something not particularly useful. Maybe you get another bench player or MR with the second rounder, and everything that comes after that is pretty much worthless unless it boosts.

    I get you're frustrated that people are lowballing you, but that's not a reason for doing a trade. Especially if you've only been dealing for 2 weeks, and at a time when people are going to prefer spending cash over prospects.

    That's my reasoning.

    As for the other stuff I'm sorry, it's just that normally Ron and TK have waited when trades weren't passed by the TC and this was only done 3-4 hours before TK simmed and I saw no reason why it should have been processed right away when we've never done that in the past. If TK/Ron are going to vote on trades in the future, then why have a TC in the first place?
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    I've asked Strife to let us know what his vote would be. If he vetos, then the deal will be undone. If he passes then it will remain.

    Twitchy, Ron and I have previously stepped in as backup TC members on deals that hadn't gotten enough TC votes before, so to say that we haven't is wrong. However, this is the offseason and the deal was indeed only posted hours before the sim. I didn't realize this second part when i processed it, my mistake. The correct course of action would have been to simply hold off on processing until you three could vote on it. Sorry about that, I made a bad decision.

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    Veto. I'm in a car on my way to a job interview so I don't have time to give my reasoning, but I think Po deserves to have time to renegotiate. The short version is I agree with Twitchy about the trade. Not really offended by what Ron and TK did.

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    Ok, the Nay's have it. Slytherin will be put back on the Yankees and the Giants will be given their picks back. Sorry to Po and JD for this.

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    Don't put Sly back until after the sim, please. We will work something out.
    Quote Originally Posted by Impaler View Post
    Some posters like yourself don't understand how a single is better then a home run,

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    I dont know JD. I am gettings TONS of offers.

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