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    NBA ReDraft Rules and Announcements

    Requirements of this ReDraft

    The only pre-requisite for this game is committed activity. It is crucial that all GMs be active for this game to run smoothly. There will be periodical check-in threads to monitor the activity of each GM. If your activity, or lack thereof, becomes a problem you will be demoted to an assistant or fired and replaced with a GM on the waiting list. We have seen inactive GM's in past games and we want to ensure that isn't the case for this game. If you know you can't always be active, make sure you tag up with a co that is going to be active.

    Draft Rules:

    1) The only players eligible to be drafted in this redraft are players who are currently playing in the NBA. Players that are playing in Europe are not eligible to be drafted. This also applies to players in college and players that have retired from the NBA. Just to clarify, rookies who were in the 2012 NBA draft ARE eligible to be drafted in this redraft. Their salaries are under their respective team pages.

    2) When making a pick, please post the Number of the draft pick and the player being selected. This allows the draft board to be updated easier going forward. Once you make a pick, it cannot be changed unless that player was already taken prior to you making your selection.

    3) The First 2 Rounds of the Draft will have a 6 hour time limit. 4 Hour time limit per pick will be given for rounds 3-10 and 11-13 will be determined based on the activity of the redraft at the time. The Clock will not run from 12:00 AM to Noon EST.

    4) If you are online when your pick is on the clock, you will have 30 minutes to make a selection. This same rule also applies to teams that are within 3 picks of the current selection on the clock. Please do not try and set your status to invisible as MOD’s can see if you are online or not.

    5) If your pick is skipped, you may make the selection anytime after your pick being skipped.

    6) If you trade for a pick that is on the clock, you will have the remainder of the time left on the clock plus 15 minutes to make your selection

    7) If you know you will be away a day from the draft, please send in a list to myself, RR, Catfish or someone you trust to make your selection for you.

    8) After you are done making your pick, please PM or VM the GM of the next team after you so they are fully aware it is their turn to pick.

    Trading Rules

    -I must receive a PM from both GMs on the trade before it can be posted. Trade PM's can be sent to either RR or myself.

    -Once you have sent in the PM agreeing to a trade, you are committed and cannot back out. If you are on the fence about a trade, think about it before you send it in.

    -Each team must receive an equal number of players/picks in each trade, otherwise some teams could end up with fewer than the required 12 man roster.

    -You may NOT trade cap room in trades.

    -Any trade that appears, to a trade committee (will be an unbiased party) judgement, too lopsided in one team's favor will go through a trade committee consisting of well respected NBA posters not affiliated with the ReDraft. I've seen disputes occur from having GM's be on the trade committee, so it'll be outside opinions if we need the vote of the committee.

    -Please send in trades in to us in this format (example):

    Title of PM: Bobcats/Celtics Trade

    Celtics in:
    Player(s) + salary

    Bobcats in:
    Player(s) + salary

    -Salaries need to be sent in with the player so that teams are aware of how much a player makes when they trade for them. I don't want teams going over the hardcap and then realizing they didn't know a certain player made a certain amount.

    General Rules of the Redraft

    Salary Cap is set at 70 Million. You cannot under any circumstances exceed the cap. We wanted to change it up a bit, so that is why the cap is what it is. This will cause GM's to be more strategic when drafting and can't just draft any player regardless of salary.

    We will use Player salaries from the 2012-2013 and salaries will be used from the site below. Unsigned free agents have a salary of 2 million dollars.

    You are not allowed to talk about undrafted players in the lounge. If you repeat this act more than once, I will force you to forfeit a draft pick. You may talk about players only once they have been drafted. On your second offense, You will be forced to give up your 10th round pick. If it happens again, it will be your 9th round pick. This is obviously subject to change after we get passed the 10th round.

    Do NOT Pretend to be another GM when making a trade. For example, If you are caught using Chatzy to make trades while posing as another teams GM, you will be FIRED and removed from the Redraft.

    If You are banned, you will be fired from the ReDraft.
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