I understand the constitution dictates there needs to be at least 30,000 people per representative. I also understand the constitution was written when the United States had an estimated population of 2.5 million people. The ratio of Congressmen to citizens was within reason. Today we have 435 representatives and roughly 312 million citizens. That is 717,000 people per representatives. How can one person be deemed to be the voice of 717,000 people in such a diverse society?

My question is not should we have 10,000 congressmen/women in order to appease the Constitution or to bring us closer to what it was trying create.

My question is, are we really being represented by these people? If you think so, why? And if not, how would you help solve the problem of the voice of the common person no longer having the impact it did when the United States became a country?


I personally feel that the concept of representatives is dead. We are no longer in segregated communitites like we were in the late 1700's. I think that with the innovation of technology people can have a stronger voice in our democracy. We no longer have to go from Local to District to State to Federal to have our voices heard. We have resources at our fingertips to do research and come to our own judgements on issues.

I bring this up because I live in an area of Iowa that is very much straight ticket Republican. That doesn't bother me, people are within their rights to do that. The problem I have is that I am in the minority on many issues and because of that I will always be ignored on those issues by my representatives voice in congress because he does not want to stray from party policies and lose votes in his district.

That is a start to the conversation. I will let people inject their opinions.