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I like. I really like. If we do go 3-4, I would assume Bunkley and Ellis are 100% gone, we'd have no use for those guys in a 3-4. I'd say bring back Aubrayo Franklin or look into Jay Ratliff if he's let go. I'd love Jenkins out of Georgia but I'd also love Dion Jordan in the 3-4. 3-4 would also mean bye bye Spags
We gotta get out of the mindset that we are going to sign anyone in FA, especially the caliber of player of Ratliff. It will not happen. The 3-4 doesn't work without a quality NT (unless you are running a Phillips 3-4, which is really a 5-2). While I do like Jordan (I really do, I understand your crush on him, Akay), we can get a decent pass rusher in the 3rd round before we can get a great NT. Chase Thomas or Sean Porter would be targets, as of now, if we were going to a full change and wanted pass rushers.