Making a thread just for Saints defense discussion. Its our missing piece to getting another Superbowl.

I want to be on record about my 4-4 or 8 in da box same thing.

Hey Spags can/will run whatever he wants but imo if the Strength of our Defense is LBs now then I feel we should maximize that.

It's easy to see on paper and I saw signs in the Cards game that our most talented defenders now are all LBs and Dline.

Case and Point.

Already we are having CB injury problems hey whatevers its pretty much par for the course except maybe 09 we stayed relatively healthy there at right time.

Spags said not me its becoming a concern. So play to your strengths given this teams past its safe bet we will be hurting at CB all season its started already and we haven't even played any reg season games.

The difference in running a 4-4 now vs what we did at times last season is our LBs are better and I believe Spags is way more creative than GW.

4-4 is obviously a solid run formation BUT its flexible and can disguise the blitzes and packages very well.

What have we noticed? pressure on the QB is our big weakness in recent years! Also that our secondary has got torched by the pass.

So now what we are gonna try to pull CBs out our *** or do we build on our new strength and up the QB pressure which in turn does what???

Helps our CB out in coverage WOW what a concept!

The flexibility of this formation allows for camouflaging our blitz and for anyone not keeping up we can do nickel and dime packages out of 4-4 alignment. Putting personnel in run stop position and pass position
"at the same damn time" (for my hip hop people).

Again Spags has the smarts to run this better and we can make Harper argueably our worst coverage defender into a strength when he is in there instead of a target.

WHO DATs it helps us get our core strength on the field, it will make us better at run stopping, and with our current personnel it gives us our best option to play the pass.

I've made my case for what I think we should do.

I hope as the season goes on we can further discuss Saints defense and any defense ideas in this thread.

As we all know if our defense works with our Offense we can hoist that trophy again.

Oh 12 we got run game! but Oh 12 defense is what we need to get us to playing for that trophy in the Dome.