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We don't even need someone great for other teams to respect, we need someone who's up to the job, we don't have that right now. Simpson has dropped almost every chance he's been given and Jenkins isn't fast enough to escape his man. There are lots of WRs in the NFL who could do better.

Even though he's a far from ideal fit because of his small size, they have to give one of these guys' jobs to Wright, at least he's shown something in the past few weeks. What sucks most of all though is that the guy who's paying for Wright's emergence is Devin Aromashodu. Aromashodu has basically shown that he's at best a rotational guy, he should be getting some starts this year due to the underperformance we're seeing from our starters.

Wright and Aromashodu are the only two who have anything going for them. Jenkins good hands are negated by his slow legs, and Simpson is just a trainwreck right now, I think that there's still something wrong with his back.
Im not fully done on Simpson but I cant figure out why we dont have Wright on the field steady and just letting him try for it...he is hungry. I agree with the majority of you post though for sure.