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So Fraziers job is going to be saved by Jenkins? We are rebuilding. I think Frazier is good for at least another year considering the situation our team is currently in. Jenkins isn't saving anyones job. I think taking Jenkins off the field and replacing him with a more talented WR will help the offense. Any player can learn the play book. We have other WRs with more upside that know the playbook besides Jenkins too.
Jenkins himself is not an impact player, however having to run a vanilla offense the first week or two because one of your starting wideouts doesn't know/is just learning the playbook will have impact.

As far as our other WRs go, we don't really have anybody who can fill Jenkins big and tall role, and I'm not ready to say I'm sold on Aromashodu, after he had one good game against 3rd and 4th string guys. Aromashodu is perpetually going to be a hot-or-cold kind of player. I liked what I saw from Wright but its not like he's going to be out-jumping anybody.

Again, I don't think Frazier will be fired by Week 4, however if we go in the tank there's going to be all sorts of backlash "FIRE FRAZIER NOWWWWWWW!" signs and such which this team really could just as well avoid, we don't need that at the start of a rebuild, hearing for the next 8 months or so how inept the leadership structure of the team is and how Zygi needs to reboot the whole place.

I'm all for replacing Jenkins with a better WR, hopefully it will happen with whoever we get on waivers, however whoever we get, don't expect to see them be a featured part of our offense right out of the gate. Once again I don't expect to see Jenkins cut right away.