Barring any new signings after Przybilla or a trade. Minutes could change if we sign a wing or trade for a wing. Then depends what we part with in a trade too.

My rotation

Jennings 32,Udrih 16
Ellis 34,Dunleavy14,Lamb 0
Moute 30,Dunleavy 10,Harris 8
Ersan 30,Gooden 15, Udoh 3
Dalembert 24,Gooden14,Przybilla 10,Sanders 0,Henson 0

Kinda looks more like a Skiles rotation. Well and of course injuries and fouls could change things as well as players in Skiles doghouse. Plus with a ton of back to back games some vets like Dalembert and Przybilla could be winded and the young guys might get a chance. Or Gooden logs more hard to say.