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Thread: Fire Byslma?

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    Thumbs down Fire Byslma?

    dude needs to go. as much as i love him regular season time, come post season i simply do not trust the guy to make the necessary switches in order to win the big one.

    he completely dropped the ball with Iginla, moving him to the opposite wing he is used to.

    i also for the life of me cannot understand why engelland was out there instead of despres. dont get me wrong, despres is young, inexperienced, raw, and sometimes looks lost out there, but engelland is a complete liability. his defense is sub par, along with his speed. the only thing this guy brings is tough, gritty style of play. sometimes that style of play is needed, but not when you need goals. plain and simple, engelland would never contribute offensively.

    plus, with all those hits and "tough" style of gameplay we showed, we got swept. often times being out of position, and trusting our other players to cover us defensively, it just did not happen.

    I do believe bylsma made the right decision with the goaltender situation however.
    As much as i love Fleury, we have to at least think about letting him walk or dealing him. the cap situation is dire, and we have to resign letang. fleury has proven every year he cannot play under pressure. i love him, i think he shows flashes or greatness. the guy is often times unbeatable. but, i would much rather have a consistent goaltender. im not necessarily saying vokoun is the guy of the future with his age, but i am saying he will do fine for the next 3 years if needed.

    i guess im sort of just ranting and getting stuff off my chest after the sweep. but to be honest, who out there is stern enough to whip these guys into shape and be disciplined?

    Torts. Ruff. Alain Vigneault. Paul Maurice. Dave Tippett. Guy Boucher. Rick tochet. All available.

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    Reasons he needs fired
    1. The team is to comfortable with him they know he won't get in their face or do anything when they **** up. He has lost the, in the sense they are just to comfortable.
    2. He is horrible at making lines. No Despres **** you no Bennett games 1/2 and mismatched lines
    3. Stretch pass system sucks
    4. He doesn't get the most of his players a team with Sid and Geno has no reason to only have 1 cup. He won a cup when he came in as a fresh face. The team is just used to him now and his system doesn't work against the good defensive teams. Also his defensive system is pathetic.

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    I'll post this again here. Remember, I posted this about 3 months ago. Now I can say I told you so.

    I'm the conductor of the fire Bylsma train.

    Here's the thread I made here:
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    Disco Dan has been outcoached in every playoff series except for one since the Stanley Cup win in 09. He mismanages his players and he refuses to adapt. Get him out of town

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    nope instead we extend him

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