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False. This has as much (or slightly more) to do with the defense as it does Crawford himself.

On that note...

True/False - The PK will improve and be in the upper half of the league this year (top 10, I think would be too much of a stretch to even pose the question).
I'm going with False and it is for one reason...the Blackhawks are (currently) not a good team at the dot. After Toews, the Blackhawks seem to struggle. Mayers was good last year but Kruger and Bolland are terrible. With the faceoff in the defensive zone, if you win the faceoff you automatically kill off 20 seconds and then even more if the other team can't set up. If you lose the faceoff, the team sets up right away. Blackhawks need to be a whole lot better at the dot.

True/False - More than 1 prospect (Shaw doesn't count in my eyes) will make the team out of camp. Some possibilities include Saad, Morin, Pirri, Olsen, Hayes, etc.