Has been talked about in several posts so made its own. If this continues to go there could be no more moves.

"Earlier this week, Rangers analyst Dave Maloney was on Edmonton Radio 630 and said that Michael Sauer has made “tremendous progress” in his recovery from his concussion.

The exact quote from Maloney is “the guy who is feeling better and I think that if he is in the Rangers lineup I think the Rangers beat the Devils, that guy is Michael Sauer. Michael Sauer is apparently making tremendous progress and feeling better. So you take Tim Erixon out of the mix and there is a hope and a thought that Sauer is better. Their first pick this year was a young defenseman, McIlrath banged his knee up at development. That being said there is a lot of hope that Michael Sauer can be the Michael Sauer he was two years ago and the Rangers then get that much better on the blue line.

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It was reported late last month that Sauer was doing “much better” but still had ways to go.

Glen Sather said at the draft that Sauer was doing better but “coming along slowly.” "

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