Well I was having this discussion with a couple fellow Flyers fans and the debate seemed pretty split. So I ask you Flyers fans, with both Perry and Hartnell being free agents next year, and having nothing to go off of this season, would you try and resign Hartnell for a deal similar to the one he has now ($4.2 mil) or attempt to sign Corey Perry in free agency, likely to get around $6-6.5 mil.

Statistics from last year
Hartnell: 37G, 30A
Perry: 37G, 23A

Point totals from last 4 years
Hartnell: 67, 49, 44, 60
Perry: 60, 98, 76, 72

I'm a little torn because of the chemistry Giroux and Hartnell had last year, but the talent and consistency of Perry is undeniable. I think if you can lock Hartnell up to a 5 year, 4.5 million extension, you take it, but the closer Hartnell gets to 5.5 million, the closer I look toward Perry.