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    Feb 2007

    Trade #130 - New York Knicks / Cleveland Cavaliers / Washington Wizards

    NYK Receives:
    Jose Calderon
    Greg Steimsma
    Iman Shumpert

    Cleveland Receives:
    Chauncey Billups
    Darren Collison
    Udonis Haslem

    Washington Receives:
    Chandler Parsons
    Steve Novak

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    Aug 2010
    Hollywood, CA
    Calderon - Shump - Gay - Dirk - DJ

    Jamal is inching closer to his all Euro team.

    Washington got good value for Shumpert.

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    Apr 2009
    PG: Jose Calderon || Baron Davis
    SG: Iman Shumpert|| Kyle Korver
    SF: Danilio Gallinari|| Kyle Korver
    PF: Dirk Nowitzki || Jared Jeffries || Shelden Williams
    C: DeAndre Jordan || Greg Steimsma || Shelden Williams || || Miles Plumlee

    Absolutely love how my roster meshes together now. Caldy-Shump is an ideal back-court pairing and I love how Caldy would be able to enhance Dirk and Gallo's game.
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    Dec 2009
    Fremont, Ca
    Jr Smith/Rip Hamilton

    Offer in for the Sfs.

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    Aug 2010
    Hollywood, CA
    Calderon is an upgrade at PG over either Collison or Billups. Collison really isn't very good. I mean he lost his starting role to George Hill when on the Pacers this past season. Billups is really limited in a lot of ways. He's a pretty old player coming off a blown out Achilles. He's become a SG really. He is capable of running an offense still, but he really isn't what he used to be.

    Shumpert is a VERY GOOD defender and he is coming off a torn ACL, but I think he'll bounce back fine in time and his fit in New York with that line-up is rather ideal actually.

    Stiemsma is one of the most productive shot-blockers in the league for the limited minutes he plays. Combining him and DJ at center will protect that rim, especially considering having Caldy at PG who is pretty inept at defense.

    I think for a lot of reasons this was a good trade for NY. Not to mention Caldy is just the type of distributor to help both Gallo and Dirk.

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    Jul 2009
    sa tx
    PG: Billups/Collison/James
    SG: Morrow/Gordon
    SF: Marion/Hamilton/Pondexter
    PF: Lee/Evans
    C: Bogut/Haslem/James

    liking my team
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    Kawhi is nothing but a average player on a good system.

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