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I thought you were describing Franzen there for a minute. It seems I definitely have a different perspective about players than some of you. Z is one of the players on the Wings that shows up every night and does have an extra gear, like Stevie Y did, of course Yzerman seemed to have 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears. IMO, the reason Z's numbers are down is the same reason Datsyuk's are. He is constantly in there digging, fighting for pucks, and getting slammed by the opposing teams, which also tends to result in injuries. Z is the one making the other players on his line look good, not the other way around. I think part of the reason Holland got Sammy was to give Z some size and grit on his line. Hudler was working this year, but was small and being knocked off the pucks. If people want to see Z start producing more, then move Filppula to center and let Z start hanging out in the slot. Remember when Z and Dats played on the same line? They put up good numbers not just because they were both skilled players, but because you had 2 players with the same type of work ethics. The opposing teams couldn't just concentrate on shutting down one player, they had to try and contain both. I feel the Wings are trying to get more of those types of players; thus, the interest in players like Parise, Nash, Doan, and Ryan - skilled, with good work ethics and the lack of interest in players like Semin and A. Kostitsyn - lazy. IMO, Z and Datsyuk are 2 of the hardest working players on the Wings followed by Holmstrom, Helm, Cleary, and Abby, so hopefully, the Wings are not even considering moving Z. If Z is mentioned in a trade rumor, I would expect to hear Malkin, Stamkos, etc., not some young talent, or prospects. Supposedly, we already have some young talent - Nyquist and Brunner, not to mention all of the Wings' other prospects.
I think this is worth mentioning again. The Wings were 7th in the league in scoring and they only lost Hudler. The losses came on the backend, so let's not blow up the team to patch the holes on the backside.
Sorry, I don't see it (the extra gear). The guy is 31 and heading down hill and his stats have been on the decline (playing more games a year and less points then in the past). Also, he struggled to get off of Suter and Weber in the playoffs last year.

Also lets all get something straight, I don't think anyone here is saying Z is a bum. The guy is one of our top 3 players right now but he's not getting any younger and we aren't a team built to compete for a cup anytime soon. Our D is horrible and we are a minimum 2 years away. So why not trade Z for a great return package that can retool our current roster and get us younger.