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    Jannero Pargo (Signs with Hornets)


    The Knicks would love to have you on board at the back-up PG position. We loved what you did in ATL last season and think you can have another strong season with a title team. We offer the vet minimum to come to NYK

    Year 1: $1,223,166

    We hope to hear from you soon,

    NYK Management
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    If they sold you with adultery between Delonte and Mrs. James, then here:

    Kenyon #Gangstarep Martin reppin that kiss on his neck. He almost ate Mark Cuban. #Steamysteams blockin those shots, your balls are in a no fly zone. Michael Redd my knees are back! Jannero...Jesus I can't do this.

    The PSD NBA Redraft GOAT speaking the truth

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    Mr. Pargo,

    We will match the Knicks offer and have you play our back-up PG position and come compete for a title.

    This would allow us to move Marco to the back-up SG position.

    Our bench would be one of the most effective benches in the league with:

    Yourself - Marco Belinelli - Matt Barnes - Brandon Bass - Ronny Turiaf

    Come join the Pacers and join us on the hunt for a championship!

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    We at the hornets offer you are mini mle to be our back up pg.

    2 year deal at the Mini MLE


    Hornets GM

    Mile High Champ

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    He will sign with the Hornets.

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