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    Feb 2007

    Trade #139 - Cleveland Cavaliers / Orlando Magic

    Cavs in:
    Elton Brand
    Samuel Dalembert
    Trevor Ariza

    Magic In:
    Shawn Marion
    Chauncey Billups
    Bernard James
    Jeremy Evans

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    Aug 2010
    Valencia, California
    Love, love this deal for Orlando.

    They get a legitimate SF, and although they traded away a lot of their front-court depth. They needed a SF.

    Jrue - Martin - Marion - Anderson - Pau.

    The offense is going to be very interesting and I wonder how people will view Pau as a full time starter at C. I know he has the perception of being "soft" and although the East is not Center heavy. It will be interesting to see how people take that into account.

    Brandin Cooks
    Future Baltimore Raven

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