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    Bruins Sign Karson Kuhlman - 2yr @ 750k

    Not much excitement I know, but the kid sounds like a quality bottom 3rd or 4th line player. He may have a chip on his shoulder for being passed over in both the 2014 & 2015 NHL drafts, which could be a good motivator. From the different scouting reports I've see, this is what they say:

    “He’s a very skilled, smart player, really good all-around player. … I liked his skills. He skates better low to the ice. I really liked his game.”

    -CHI Scout
    “He was a real, real, real good player for us as a freshman,” Sandelin said. “He’s smart and willing to do whatever it takes to win. I think the biggest thing is he plays the game the right way. When you play the game the right way, you develop trust in a coach and from that point on, when you have the trust, you can be put in a lot of other different situations.”

    -UMD Coach
    There really isn't much on the kid as he wasn't a highly touted prospects. In college he averaged 20 points a season (.48 P/GP) so I don't know that he'll be much of an offensive threat in the NHL (but who knows). For comparison, Krualy was a .60 P/GP player in college, Donato a 1.07 P/GP player in the the NCAA. Hey may find his game at the pro level (some just excel there).

    I imagine he'll get a chance to earn a spot at camp next year. Not sure he makes the club, but it at least keeps competition on the 4th line.
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    Good depth signing. He was big in UMD winning the NCAA Championship. He had a good run for them. He's a typical player the Bruins seem to target. Even if he doesn't amount to much, it doesn't hurt in giving it a look.

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