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    Andray Blatche (Signs with Grizz)

    Mr. Blatche,

    You have a ton of talent but your maturity has been questioned. We would like to bring you to Memphis and give you another chance to prove your worth. We think you could be alot of help coming off the bench providing scoring behind a defense first player like Serge Ibaka.

    You already are making alot of money due to the contract you were getting paid when you were waived so we hope that you'll embrace the role we offer in Memphis and revive your promising career.

    We are offering a two year veterans minimum deal, with a player option on the second year.


    The Memphis Grizzlies

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    Mr. Blatche, we at the Rockets would like to match the Grizzlies offer, and help you win a title, we believe your offense of the bench will be a massive boost to us winning the championship.

    2 year vet min

    Houston Rockets FO

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    Mr Blatche,

    The Bulls would like to offer you a 2 year vet minimum deal to come to Chicago back up LMA and contend in the Eastern Conference

    Bulls Management

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    Mr. Blatche,

    Sorry to say but we have decided to go in a different direction. We will have to retract our offer.

    -Bulls Management

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    New York

    The Boston Celtics would like to offer you a 2 year, vet min deal. We believe you would be a very good back up for this team. We understand that the vet min is not ideal but it also gives you a shot at a NBA championship. We hope to hear from you soon.

    Boston Celtics GM's

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    He will sign with the Grizz.

    All of the offers are the same, yet they were the first team to seek out my client's services in free agency.

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