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    Chris Wilcox (Signs with Nets)


    The Bulls management would like to add front court help while already having LaMarcus Aldridge and Omer Asik as the starters. We currently have an offer out to Mr. Jordan Hill who can play both the PF and C position like yourself. We would like you to help us compete for a championship with your ability to rebound, run the floor and defend.

    We offer you the 1 year Vets Minimum.

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    We offer you a 2 year vet min with a PO the 2nd year to come off the bench to contend for the starting spot. We still don't have a set Center and we like your rebounding ability beside Amare. You and Amare are athletic players so we think it would be great if we had both of you in a run and gun offense.

    -Nets FO

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    Chris will sign with the Nets. Longer contract with player flexibility in the second year.

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