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IMO if your looking for a Myers type impact prospect without alot of questions we really don't have one. Our highest ceiling players haven't even hit AA yet so they still have some questions that go with them because they haven't played at an advanced level and imo until a prospect hits AA u really don't know how good they can be. AA is where the pretenders are sorted out from the real deal prospects

That said for me the guys that could be impact players for the Yanks after they get called up are the names u always hear about. I think any of Williams, Heathcott, Sanchez and Austin could end up being above average to elite MLB players. Of those 4 IMO Heathcott has the highest ceiling of them all but has major injury concerns. i think Austin is probably the safest bet to actually reach his ceiling. I think legit arguments could be made for any of those 4 who could end up better it just comes down to personal preference.

Also i know Banuelos lost a whole season last yr and is out all next yr but i would give up on him becoming what we all hoped he would when he gets back
Good assesment Dayners. I think this is going to be a very interesting/important/[insert good adjective] year for the farm and our kids. We are either going to be lined up for several years of talent coming up starting in 2014, or many of us are going to be sorely disappointed.