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Lets 'season' them for 5 years til they are useless.

Either you can play or you can't.

You telling me Sanchez or Mason couldn't put up the same numbers as Andruw jones? C'mon...
its pretty tough to argue about bring up younger prospects with as badly as were hitting right now but guys like William and Sanchez were still in A ball. Their is a huge huge difference in the quality of pitching, especially breaking balls between high a and the MLB. Those guys would get made to look silly trying to hit MLB breaking pitches, why bring them up to watch them struggle.

I will give us this much If some of our younger hitter do very well in AA next yr i wouldn't be against seeing them get called up later in the season. AA is really where they separate the flashy, toolsy prospects and the legit ones. The quality of pitching is much better at AA and their have been alot of good players that have made that jump and succeeded at a young age, Machado is a good recent example.

If the Yanks don't make a big play for a RFer and let Swisher walk, if 1 or both Austin or Heathcott have good seasons it wouldn't shock me to see either one of them get a look late in the yr. Especially if they stay on the course of cutting payroll. The next few yr are likely to be rebuilding type yrs for us and it wouldn't surprise me to see them be more aggressive in promoting their good young prospects to the MLB more quickly than in recent yrs

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I heard next years draft has very little talent...
i heard the same thing but we also heard that about last yrs draft as well around this time and it ended up being pretty deep. The Yanks have an excellent chance at having 3-4 first round picks with Swisher, Soriano and possibly Kuroda going elsewhere. They for sure have 1 extra with Soriano very likely opting out

I know where in the middle of the playoffs but they just finished instucts and their were some very good looking players for us. Greg Bird has continued to knock the cover off the ball hitting over .400 with 3 hrs. Our top IFA signing Miguel Anduar hit very well impressing alot of coaches especially for just turning 18. It incredibly early to speculate but those to have a legit chance at being our 1st and 3rd baseman of the future receptively. Also on the offensive side of the ball 2nd baseman Rob Refshyder looked very good on both sides of the ball as did Gumbs. The Yanks have 4-5 very talented legit above average 2nd base prospects. One of our top IFA signings 17 yr old SS Abiatal Avelino really opened up some eyes on both sides of the ball, playing excellent defense showing plus plus range and a plus arm all week. On the offensive side of the ball he hit very well not looking over matched at all against a higher level of competition than he's ever faced. He looks like he has a chance to be a extremely good prospect. Young ofer Chris Breen played very well also.

Heathcott continued to really really impress showing all the tools and reasons why we drafted him before the injury bug hit. KLaw mentioned him in his chat last week after scouting him in the AFL saying he believe he has AS level talent and great tools, he also said later he think Heathcott has passed Williams as our best OF prospect. Which is pretty high praise considering he had Austin in the 30's and Williams in the low 20's in his mid season prospect ranking. The one negative he said about him is he plays like his hair is on fire which isn't a great thing for a guy with an injury history like his. Heathcott showed that this weekend beating out an IF single in the 9th that allowed the tying run to score but was thrown out at home a few plays later causing a collision at home trying to run the catcher over to score. If he's able to stay healthy he is going to give Williams a serious run at whos going to be our CFer of the future.

Good news on the Williams front his rehab is going very well and ahead of schedule, he should be 100% by STing. Their have been reports he's been in the weight room alot and is up over 190 LBS. He's filled out a ton and in the right way since he was drafted a couple yrs ago at 145lbs. The added weight should help him to up his power numbers.

Their were some pitcher that were extremely impressive as well, topping the list was Depaula sitting 93-97 with plus movement, a plus hammer curve sitting in the low 80's and mixed in an above average CH with plus potential and a average SLer. Kid really appears to be special, which with the Yanks probably dooms him but he could be a very fast mover next yr. i can't wait to see him pitch stateside after his dominate yr in the DSL and now at instucts

Gabe Encina also showed up much improved, he was sitting 92-94 touching 95 with his FB, also showing alot of sink and late movement. He also showed up having changed his grip on both his CB and CU which took them from being slightly above average pitches during the yr to being solid to plus at instucts. Appears to have alot of high ceiling long term potential if he can get more consistent throwing all 3 of his pitches for strikes. Why is it every time i write high ceiling, big time potential or any high praise for one of good looking young pitching prospects I'm dooming them to injury, surgery or a serious regression??

Rher Luis Severino was impressive with his hard, nearly unhittable FB, Nik Turley showed up with a brand new SL with impressive results. Hopefully he can use that pitch to build on an already pretty impressive yr last yr. Lher Chaz Hebert showed up with a much improved CB and Luis Niebia opened alot of eyes showing much improved stuff.

Raval Santana continued to struggle in camp, not showing anywhere near the promise he did last yr before almost destroying his ankle last yr.

At least their appears to be something promising promising going on in Yankee land since only about 2-3 guys on the roster are hitting, the rest of the team couldn't hit water if they feel out of a boat