Not that many legit two's on the market. That's why Nets went after over priced Joe Johnson. Shocked there isn't many trade rumors out there. Last few years been Howard,
Paul,Melo,Iggy. Yeah Raja Bell been waiting for a trade or buyout. Burks been kinda mentioned possibly in a trade or made up trade by reporters. Gasol name been thrown around but we don't need him. Shocked Bucks don't have any rumors. Probably cause were winning.

But other years its always been trading away RJ,Maggette,Jackson,Salmons, then Bogut and Jennings had his name shopped around last two years. Also with Jennings wanting more then $9M to $10M a year is a lot for a inconsistent shooter. Yeah his first two games were elite with 13 assists back to back games. We will be hating once he averages $12M per season. Cassell never got that. He was getting about $6M per. Heck we hated when Mo Williams was getting $8M per. Then we dealt him before the ink dried on contract to the Cavs.